Friday, May 27, 2011

Barton Creek Square Mall Austin Texas

Barton Creek Square is the main indoor mall of the Austin metro area. The mall is located to the southwest of downtown Austin off of the Mopac expressway and the south capital of Texas highway. This mall has benefited from the demise of nearby Northcross and Highland Malls in the last decade as it has emerged as a retail powerhouse. (Check out my article May 22, 2011 for the most recent update on Highland Mall). Most of the retail competition is to the north and northwest of the mall, so this center is poised for success for years to come.

I did not get a photo of the main entrance, but I did get the updated directional sign to the anchors.
AMC theaters located just below the food court.


Dillards Mens Store
Dillards Womens Store

The food court has a cool blue effect with the lighting over the tops of the food outlets.

The mall directories from different areas of the mall.

Macy's is very similar to the Macy's that just closed at Highland Mall in Austin.

Sears has the electronics department right at the mall entrance. This is the first Sears that I have been to that does not have the electronics in the back of the store.
A few views of the mall hallways; this mall is the most upscale indoor mall in Austin.

Dillards Mens store

Dillard's womens store.
Gotta love the mirrored glass JCPenney entrance.
Nordstrom too pricey for me!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Central Mall Port Arthur Texas

Central Mall is located at the edge of Port Arthur Texas at the corner of highway 69 and highway 365. Port Arthur is a working class city of around 50,000. Port Arthur has a University of Lamar Campus near downtown. Although downtown has many abandoned mid rise buildings and not much else; the city has many booming refineries and job growth. Central Mall is managed by the same company as the Highland Mall in Austin featured below. Central Mall was heavily damaged by Hurricane Rita in 2005, but has rebounded and is better than before. Central Mall has successfully added big box names to fill empty spaces and has many of the name brand stores of big city malls.

This is the entrance to the food court or the small cluster of restaurants in the mall.
Dillards was nearly completely rebuilt after the Hurricane damaged the anchor severely. The entrance is the only part that is original.
Bed Bath and Beyond takes up a large section of the mall that was once dead space.

The entrance to what was Formally Hobby Lobby before Hurricane Rita. This small anchor is hidden behind the mall and it is the only large piece of empty space in the mall.
A partial view of the former Hobby Lobby and Central Cinema 10.

The Central 10 Cinemas

This lonely entrance puts you just outside of the malls Target entrance.

Target was added in the mid 2000's to the mall.

This is one half of the food court. The other half has a Jasons deli and an Asian restaurant.

Dillards has two mall entrances; this entrance is right across from Bealls
This Dillards entrance is near the food court.
The mall entrance to Bealls
Near the food court and Sears wing.
The Sears entrance.

The large court near Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and JCPenney.

The JCPenney sports the old school mirrored glass entrance.
The middle of the mall.

The mall entrance to Target.
Looking towards the midsection of the mall from the Shoe Dept.
Bed Bath and Beyond takes a huge amount of space.

The Shoe Dept was a Steve and Barry's and Old Navy before.