Saturday, July 28, 2018

Las Misiones Mall Cd. Juarez Mexico

Now for the 5th and final mall of the Juarez trip. Las Misiones is a very nice and modern mid to upper class mall. The mall is anchored by Sears, Liverpool, and Cinepolis. There is also a large Gala Furniture and Sanborns department store that are junior anchor sized stores. 
The mall has a very good mix of retail, food, and entertainment options. 
Here is the outside of the mall. Sears and Sanborns which are part of the same company.

This Sears sports the red logo that we rarely see in the US.

The edge of Sears with Liverpool in the distance.

Sears dominates this side of the mall. Here is the mall entrance to Cinepolis and the bulk of the sit down casual restaurants inside.

Sanborns is only a one-level anchor but the store front here makes it look bigger.

Lets venture inside. The mall is a respectable size on two levels. I would guess it is around 800,000 square feet total. It is a straight shot from one end to the other. Here in the center court you can see the wide areas that can hold big crowds. This is facing Liverpool.

Here is the other side facing Cinepolis.

The food court is large with American chains mixed with Mexican chains. Between the food court and the sit down casual chains, this mall has around 30 places to eat.

The Cinepolis court with a view of the interesting ceilings throughout the mall.

Another view with the second floor casino to the far right.

Here is a better look at the casino.

The Liverpool court is very interesting and draws a lot of attention to this part of the mall.

Now for another visit, at night.

A cool neon old school recreation of an American diner.

Sears is just across the food court.

Innovasport, the store on the first floor to the left is like Champs.

Sanborns main entrance to the left.

The first floor of the Cinepolis court has a Vans store and a few other small stores.

Peter Piper Pizza reminds me of Chuck E Cheese without the robots. This is one of 2 large arcades that is here in the mall.

Here are some of the sit down causal restaurants in the entrance halls.

This entrance is directly below the food court. There is not much parking on this side of the mall so that may explain why not many stores are open in this area.


In addition to the 2 arcades in the mall, there are also a few games here as well.

Cinepolis has movies in English and Spanish. You can see a movie that has the voices in either English or Spanish with subtitles in the other language. While I was here, I had to see one.

Toy store right above Peter Piper Pizza. If you avoid one with your kids, you have to pass the other one.

Now for the Plaza de Comidas (Food court)

A couple of spaces were unfilled, but with so many choices here it is hard for a small business to make it.


The second floor hallway to Sears.

More sit down restaurants.

This Sounds store had a very cool look throughout. I will let the pictures and video say the rest.

A look at the sights and sounds inside of this Sounds store.

Sounds takes up this whole wall near the entrance to Sears.


Now for a few outside shots at night.

Sanborns 2nd mall entrance to the pharmacy counter.
Inside of Sanborns, we find a decent collection of Nintendo games for sale.
Lots of other electronics too.

And music!

Cigars and collectibles like you would find in a cigar shop. On the other side of this counter is where the pharmacy is located.

A dream come true for children. Lots of neat collectible toys.

The view of Sanborns from the main mall entrance. The volume is turned up on those TV's too to grab your attention.

Back inside we see the health and beauty near the exterior entrance to the store.

Sanborns even has a sit down restaurant. Like the old school days.

Now for the wall of TV's.

More music and movies.

The electronics counter.

Jewelry, computers, and a very small selection of clothes here as well.

Liverpool where we will start on the second floor. Liverpool is a big department store chain across Mexico and also owns Fabricas De Francia.
Yes a huge candy counter with ice cream too. 

A typical checkout in Liverpool.
Liverpool is very clean and similar to Macy's or Dillard's stores of yesterday that had a wide variety of departments.

Now we approach the music department.


Cell phones with different providers available.

Decent selection of TV's.

Toys, a once forgotten part of American department stores. JCPenney is bringing back toy departments but nothing like this one.

Video games!

The other part of the television department.

A full view of the music and movie departments.

Now we move down to the first floor.

Motorbikes and sports apparel.

Nice selection of clothing like you would see in Dillard's or Nordstrom.

Here is the directory of Liverpool. The store also has appliances and many other departments not covered here.

Coming soon an in-depth look at the Las Misiones Sears.