Saturday, October 29, 2011

Borders Meyerland Plaza Houston

This is the third post in the farewell to Borders series. This was one of the strangest designs of all of the borders stores I visited. The first floor had very little sales space, but the second floor was much a larger sales space.

Irony; a date with doom.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Borders Galleria

Part two of this series the Galleria Houston location. This space is already being redeveloped for another use. This store was closed around a week earlier than the rest of the Houston locations in September 2011.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Borders Stafford Texas

This is the first in a series of Borders locations on my blog. All Borders stores closed in September and the name has been purchased by Barnes and Noble. This Borders store was closed in the first round of closings after filing bankruptcy in early 2011.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marshall Mall

Marshall Texas has a population of nearly 25,000 and the smallest town that I have seen a mall in so far. Four colleges are in the city and the city is about 45 minutes from Shreveport Louisiana. Marshall is a little more than three hours north of Houston and three hours from Dallas to the west also. Marshall is also near Longview and Tyler Texas to the west.

Marshall Mall is located on HWY 59 and Pinecrest Dr. Marshall Mall has JCPenney, Bealls, Baskins, and Factory Connection as anchors to the mall. All of the anchors appear to be 30,000 sq ft or smaller.

Bealls is located in the back of the mall and has a very plain entrance.
Baskins and JCPenney. Baskins is a western wear department store.

This is a view of nearly the entire mall; the closed anchor is to the left.
The closed anchor looks to have been a local chain; the space looks to be around 20,000 sq ft.
The size ,style, and anchor placement in the mall is very similar to the University Mall in Nacogdoches Texas. It is very possible that these two malls were built by the same company.
Between JCPenney and Beall's the mall is almost full.
Even though the mall is small; the curves in the corridors help to make the place feel larger.

The center court of the mall with Bealls in the back of the mall. The Marshall Mall entrance to Bealls looks just like the former Bealls at University Mall in Nacogdoches was.
This end of the mall has several vacancies and no anchor a contrast to the other side of the mall.
Retro 1970's-1980's wooden storefronts in this section of the mall.

I can't tell what this former anchor used to be.