Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wonderland of the Americas Mall

Although the retail strip near the mall has declined; the Wonderland of the Americas Mall seems poised to take advantage of their long term plan for the property. Adding office space on one floor with retail on the upper floor will help to increase the amount of visitors to the mall. Most of the retail on the first floor has moved to the second floor or closed. GNC is all alone in the main section of the first floor and Radio Shack is located next to the first floor entrance.
The mercado is similar to the mercados in Houston. Behind the wall to the right is where phase two will open up in the future. Most of the spaces are filled in this first phase.

Burlington is only on the second floor of the mall.
Radio Shack and GNC are near this entrance to the first floor of the mall.
50 years and counting.

This entrance of the mall is under construction for the new Ross.

There are several hotels in the area and the location has quick access to I-10 and I-410.

The entrance to the Mercado.
Ross is coming to Wonderland in the former JoAnn and additional space.
The Ross construction takes up a huge amount of space and will help to fill some of the empty space.

The two floor have been separated by uses. Floor one is being advertised as medical and office space as floor two is retail.

Although the mall appears to be empty there were many people near the anchors and food court.

The newer part of the mall looks much more modern than the original section of the mall.

The hallways to the newer section of the mall are mostly empty.

The entrance to the mercado has a large playground which helps to draw families to the mall.

Although there are many unused spaces; the remaining retail outlets are mostly bunched up near the anchors.

This hallway leads to the food court where most of the people were at on this Saturday afternoon.

Radio Shack is one of the last retail stores left on the first floor of the mall.