Saturday, December 8, 2018

Sears Central Mall Port Arthur Tx

This store is one of the 80 stores announced in early January to close. Central Mall in Port Arthur Texas is now the closest Sears to Lake Charles Louisiana. This Sears store is not very large, roughly about the size of the Mall of the Mainland Sears store. These photos were taken just before the announcement of the Lake Charles Sears and Kmart closings, in June 2018. The store was mostly well stocked at this time, but who knows how it is now. There are a few spots of emptiness though. This store had a decent amount of traffic around lunchtime on a Saturday. 

We start our store tour in a strange spot, but this sign is so awesome. The sign has survived many years even with all of the slaps that have left fingerprints all over the bottom of the sign.

Tool department.

Sporting goods was a little empty, but Summer stuff was being put together next to this department.


Clothing departments.

Mattresses right next to the clothing department. I think this was the former electronics department.

As you can see, the clothing selection was somewhat light. 

One of the few parts of the store that were empty.

Now to the mall entrance area of the store.


A view of the mall entrance off in the distance.

Now we head off to the package pickup area, and coolest part of the store.

This section of the store had odds and ends. The product selection was very random as you will see.

Strange that this entrance was closed off to customers.

Closet exit, lol.

So we have boxed appliances.

Luggage, home goods.

Kitchen items next to chemicals to clean up floors, and Lysol.

The other side of that aisle is just as strange, but at least kitchen cleaners are available.

Such a strange sight, a rack of dollar soaps next to a lonely register in the corner, next to boxed appliances. Like I said earlier, random products.

More clothing, just on the other side of the random corner of the store.

Another look at the randomness.

In the baby department, there were a few strange sights also.

Very little effort to fill in this gap.

What happened here? This was facing the main aisle right in front of the computer in the photo below.

The curtain is covering up the former portrait studio.

To the left is the mall entrance.

There were several appliances and other products set up outside of the store in the mall corridor. Not many malls will let their department stores setup a bunch of items outside of the store like this.

The outside of the store. This store was one of the first to re-open after the mall suffered damage during Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Update final Christmas display 2018.

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