Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sears Las Missiones Mall Cd. Juarez

Here it is, the Sears in Juarez Mexico. 

The view of the first floor mall entrance. 

Second floor mall entrance.

A Sears credit card display.

Now we begin our store tour. As you look at how nice this store is and the variety of products available here, you wonder why this was never tried in the US. This store is very popular along with the mall in general. Prices are not bad, but tend to be priced for a high to middle level Mexican income. Sales clerks here had to wear at least business attire. Clothing sales male clerks had to wear suits. The Women had fashionable attire, probably items sold at the store. Just about every department had staff ready to help which made it difficult at times to get photos. Registers were also readily available in every department. Each entrance to the store also had security stationed there. All in all, this store is awesome and shows what Sears could have been here in the US.

The second floor has a variety of departments, we will start here first. Furniture department where it meets housewares.

A mini-checkout station.

Nice, clean, and organized furniture section. 


Now we will see an electronics department that puts all Sears in the US to shame. Why can't they have this here in the US?

Electronics are one of the few categories of items that costs more to buy in this part of Mexico than in the US. 

Multiple cell phone providers.

Car stereos, did Sears in the US ever carry car stereos I can't remember.

The monthly advertised deals with kids bikes and mini electronics across from the main electronics department. 

American music and a variety of Latino/ Mexican CD's for sale here. 

Hardware and sporting goods just on the other side of the electronics.

The tool department is much smaller here than in US Sears stores. Just about everything they carry here is Craftsman branded.


The center part of the store.

The directory of departments.

1st level jewelry department.

The Sears logo seems out of place in this upscale store.

Sears credit card ad roughly translated to "Live the most exclusively, if you don't have it apply today".

Clothing wraps around the entire first floor. Cosmetics, jewelry, cologne, perfume and shoes are in the center of the first floor all the way to the mall entrance.


Swiss army knives and Zippos were available here in the Men's department.

Lots of suits for sale here.

Young Men's clothing.


An up-close look at the store directory.

Back upstairs we go. Here is another look at the tool department.

A personal favorite of mine, the video game section. This department is at the end of the main electronics department.


XBOX and PlayStation were also here too.

Lots of laptop computers here also.

Sears "gets me or understands me" is the rough translation of the slogan.

Movies are here as well.

Of course what complete department store would not have a toy department.

A view of the electronics department across from the toys.

And several more photos of the electronics department.

How the toy department looks from the electronics.

As I already mentioned, the electronics selection here is huge.

Living room sofas across from the TV's.


Spring in fashion was a promotion they were running that included a live fashion show inside of the mall. I did not get photos of the fashion show that they had while I was here, sorry. It was another thing that Sears does here that you would not see in the US anymore.


This part of the appliance and furniture department had odds and ends that did not fit anywhere else. A/C units, fans, humidifiers, hot water heaters, and kitchen setups. I guess ever Sears has to have a section of random items put together, lol.

More furniture


A small display of religious items that is located at the edge of the housewares department.

And what's this? Yes they even had a candy counter with ICEE's.

There is a Pier 1 Import store within a store concept at the second level mall entrance.

Another view of the candy counter. This is the first thing you see once you enter the store from the mall on the second level. These advertisements show the monthly Pier 1 Import specials.

Here is what you see going into the second floor mall entrance. The other side not shown had a security guard standing there.

Sanborns chocolates in the candy department. As I mentioned earlier, Sanborns and Sears are part of the same company in Mexico.

The center of the store with electronics directly in the middle towards the back. Kids clothing is located around this open part of the store surrounding the escalators.

Video game counter looking towards the toys.

A better view of the toy department.

The special in toys was, buy $499 pesos and get $100 pesos off. Roughly $27 dollars to get $5 savings.

You can get tires here too.

Welcome to Sears floor mats.

Back to the first floor for some final images of Women's clothing. This is the kind of display you would see in a Macy's or Dillard's.

The sign at night was so awesome. You can even see the glow off of the cars.

Bright lights.

This is the final stop on the Juarez tour. More content to come, including lots of Sears and Kmart stuff stay tuned.