Wednesday, February 21, 2018

University Mall Nacogdoches Texas Spring 2017

Here is a quick update from the University Mall in Nacogdoches Texas. 

This post will feature a lot of the JCPenney which closed in the Summer of 2017 along with over 100 other JCP stores. The large flea market that was in the vacated Bealls anchor space was in the process of moving into empty mall space. 

There are some awesome retail gems to be found in this mall and a very nice Belk store. Sadly this and two other small town malls were hit by anchor losses recently. JCPenney here and at Marshall Mall, and Sears at Lufkin Mall.

We start with the JCPenney store that is no more.
Men's department.

Kids clothing and shoes.

Shoes, Women's clothing, and jewelry.


Vintage mirrored glass jewelry counter.

Housewares and shoes

Neon is still in full force inside of the mall.

Looking towards center court from JCPenney

One of the few chain stores still left in the mall. At one time this mall had vintage store fronts from Claires, Waldenbooks, Payless, Gordon's Jewelers, Foot Locker, and of course Bath and Body Works.

Abandoned Foot Locker open to look inside.

Belk side of the mall, looking towards center court. This is the only part of the mall without neon decorations on the ceiling.
The grand center court and vintage Peanut Shack.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kmart Lake Charles 1st full length Youtube video

The first version of my video was blocked by YouTube because of the background music. I had to repost the video with new background music, which hurt the ambiance of the true store experience. Enjoy the video, it covers most of the store departments. 

This Kmart is one of the final 3 remaining open in the State of Louisiana. The store has some issues with merchandising, but shelves are stocked with what they have. 

Here are some samples of the first full length video from my channel at

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Goodbye Sears Acadiana Mall September 2017

Sears Acadiana Mall Lafayette La opened in 1979 and closed September 17, 2017. This was a two level larger sized Sears store. This store is a mix of retro and new Sears designs. We visited the store a week before it closed.  

The Package sign above the entrance doors looks like it may be original.

Now we enter the store near the customer pickup area.

Interesting placement of the mannequins under the employment sign.

At this point of the sale, the offices had been cleared out to be sold piece by piece.

A look at the big picture of the first floor.

Another part of the first floor as we head up the escalator.

This was all that remained of the electronics department.

I wonder how many people used this phone while the store was still in normal operations.

At this register station many years ago, it took a long time to buy just a bag of socks that was on sale for my child. This was when you were asked several questions about applying for a credit card, shop your way, donation, etc.... A lot of people still think the checkout process takes this long at Sears but it does not anymore.

The second floor barely had anything left but fixtures, it was like a retail playground from the past.

That sign will make a good keepsake for a lucky Sears fan. There was not much left of the Parts direct section of the store. 

The remains of the Sears optical department.

Looking back into the store from the optical/parts direct sections.

Parts direct section with a Kenmore fixture.

Like I said earlier, open retail playground.

Price check!

So sad to see the once fully stocked store reduced to empty shelves.

A cool framed photo of the fire escape plan of the store.

The appliance department had some of the modern displays seen in the successful stores.

This was the only part of the second floor that still had merchandise. A lot of the appliances were scratch and dent type showroom items.

Heading back down to the first floor.

One more week was left of the sale after my visit.

More fixtures and scenes from the tool/lawn/garden/auto departments.

There were only a few registers still open despite the lines of people checking out items.

More scenes from the tools/lawn/garden/auto departments.

I wonder where these golf clubs came from. A few Sears stores had golf departments around 2010, but they were quickly closed off. This store did not have that department that I remember.

Some of the remaining furniture was left downstairs. 

The mall entrance 

Yet another abandoned checkout station.

This is such an awesome vintage sign. A few stores from this era still have them.

More exterior photos of the store 

The store signage at the mall entrance looking into the mall.

More shots from inside of the store, starting with the former electronics department.

The sign at the exit near the customer pickup. 

As of this post, the anchor still sits empty waiting for a redevelopment plan. The anchor store and land are owned by Seritage and should hopefully be redeveloped soon. Acadiana Mall is the busiest and largest mall in Lafayette.