Wednesday, April 27, 2011

K & B Drugstore Products New Orleans Louisiana

This is from my personal collection of K&B drugstore branded products. K&B was acquired by Rite-Aid in 1998 and the remaining K&B merchandise was sold off at clearance prices. K&B drugs was an integral part of New Orleans retail and one of the most well branded chains that I have shopped at. K&B carried different merchandise in every store to match their customers needs. Some of the strange items that I saw at clearance sales were saw blades, fishing lures and fishing poles (Keep in mind that K&B was a drugstore similar to Eckerds or Walgreens). A few of the former K&B stores still have not been remodeled into the Rite-Aid design, so you can still see the original colors inside of those stores.

Pocket tissues

An advertisement tag

A K&B pen with purple ink

Does anyone still use 35mm film?

Breath freshening capsules were a big deal in the late 1990's

Match book

#2 Pencil for those scantron tests

Take it away in a purple paper bag

Display your processed photos in this book for 4x6 prints

The K&B ice cream blends are still missed

110 Film; a real blast from the past

My family got most if not all of their film developed there; this is from the late 1970's-1980's

Another version of the photo book

A more recent photo holder

These have got to be extremely stale by now

Heavy duty matchbooks

More #2 pencils

The playing cards match the outside box; too much reflection to get a good photo

Want to keep your beers cold; use one of these

A bundle of the lower quality matchbooks

Maps of Baton Rouge and New Orleans with locations of K&B on each map

You can't forget the fact that K&B was a pharmacy

At K&B you could find just about anything that was store branded

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

University Mall Revisit Nacogdoches Texas

The mall looks bigger in this photo than it is. The mall is located on a hill off of University Drive in Nacogdoches Texas. These photos were taken on a Sunday afternoon.



The mall has not changed much since my last visit. Belk and JCPenney are the anchors here. Burke's outlet, Bath and Body Works, Gordon's Jewelers, 2 snack shops in the middle of the mall, Claire's, Hibbett Sports, and Payless Shoes were the only stores open on our visit. The mall has space for 25-30 stores inside and the floor plan is mostly a long hallway with a main entrance in the middle. This mall is near the University but not off of the main retail corridor that runs through the center of town.

The mall still has many neon fixtures.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

El Mercado Now Open PlazAmericas Mall

This article is a compilation of just before the opening of the mercado and the first week of being open. The Mercado has gained many more stores since these pictures were taken mostly on the first floor. The mercado was still being touched up by the construction crews during the visit after the grand opening.

The entrance before the signs were added.

After the signs were added.

This is the first floor of the mercado

This is one of the stores with a direct mall entrance; most of the smaller stores inside of the mercado only have entrances inside of the mercado.

This is the entrance to the Chapel on the first floor.

This hallway is now full of kiosks and much more lively than in these pictures just after the opening.

This is a stage area just next to the large airplane; on Sundays they host concerts and shows.

This plane has access for people to climb in and act like a pilot. There are a few cars and motorcycles around the mall that children or adults can get into.

These are the mall storefronts which are each very different and lively.

One of the mall entrances to the mercado.

This is the second floor of the Mercado; more stores have opened since these photos were taken.

This is the lounge near the family restrooms; the mall should try and get some extra food outlets here.