Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lufkin Texas Kmart and Sears Summer 2015 update

Here is a quick update article that shows some changes and more photos of these two stores than previously featured on the blog. I also changed the fonts and some of the colors to make the blog easier to read.

Kmart Lufkin Texas
A wide view of the electronic department, note the Mario Kart 7 display was empty. Only a small handful of video games remained on the clearance aisle.
The vintage electronics advertisements
The toy department looking towards the electronics
Toy department looking towards hardware and sporting goods
The back aisle looking towards housewares
The same back aisle looking in the opposite direction 
A few updated signs in the clothing department
The clothing department looking towards the front checkouts 
Well, looks like this one is out of order
The electronics department shortly after the video game clearance. Here is where the electronics were separated from the rest of the store by large video game cases that were removed.
More views of the electronics department
New hardware aisle signage
Sears at the Lufkin Mall, the E on the sign was broken 
This store has a full line of departments, but my focus is on the disappearing electronics department. There is not much left in this store, which already had a very small electronics department in comparison to most normal sized Sears stores. 
Appliances and electronics
An interesting display in the hardware department

Monday, December 21, 2015

Kmart Elmwood Center New Orleans/Elmwood La. Summer of 2015

This Kmart completes the Louisiana Kmart collection featured on the blog. Here is the current online Kmart store list, all of the stores can be found here on the blog under the label Kmart Louisiana.
This Kmart is located in one of the largest and busiest shopping areas in the metro New Orleans area. The Elmwood Center where this store is located features over 1 million square feet of retail and dining options (info here). The shopping center has been expanded many times over the years. 

The New Orleans/Clearview Kmart is a vintage 1970's era Kmart store and one of the largest stores in Louisiana.
We will start at the front of the store 
The checkouts
Looking towards the back of the store
Here is the sporting goods area which was obviously once part of the electronics section.
The classic Kmart A/C vents are all over the store
Some views of the back sections of the store
Now we are at the electronics department. which was being consolidated into a smaller area on my visit.
Office supplies have taken up space on the other side of the electronics department.
Here is the first aisle of music and movies which is an endangered section in Kmart stores. 
Most stores have either eliminated or shrunk the music and movie sections, not here.
The second aisle of movies
Looking at the furniture department from the electronics section
More electronics 
The Sears appliance and mattress department 
Maybe somebody should fix the e before it falls off.
More wide views of the electronics department
More views of the Sears appliance and mattress department
The mini garden shop entrance
Here is the mini garden shop
As you can see there is not much in here
Now for the apparel section of the store
Newer department signage
I wondered if this button still worked, but I resisted the temptation to push it.
Now here we are at the pharmacy with some of the new large advertisements.
No older Kmart store would be complete without a vintage blood pressure monitor.
Looking to the back of the store from the health and pharmacy departments.
Looking at the grocery section from the health and pharmacy departments.
Another one of the help buttons, from a different era.
A look from the back corner of the store near the hardware and mattresses.
Another look at some of the electronics aisles taken over by other products.
And finally the outside of the store
The closed off garden shop
The road sign visible from Clearview Parkway. As you can tell this section of the shopping center has many of the most popular big box retailers.