Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Last days at the Victoria Mall Sears January 2019

This Sears was part of the first round of stores slated to close with the Sears bankruptcy. The last day for this store was on January 6, 2019. My visit to the store was on January 2nd, 2019, a chilly rainy day. At this point, the store was mostly empty so I was able to walk around and see the nearly empty building. This was my only visit to the store so if anyone else has any memories of shopping here please share them.

I also have some video of the store at along with 2 other visits on my YouTube channel at this link.

The mall entrance.

Empty shoe racks.

Very little left inside of the store.

One of the few spots with products still remaining.

This was the last little bit of appliances and mattresses. 

Former electronics department?

The last of the tools.

Vision center?

More emptiness right around the corner.

Barricaded dressing room.

More emptiness.

Back to the mall entrance area of the store where most of the remaining products were at.

Package pickup area.

Just about all of the fixtures left were in this part of the store as well.

The advertisement at the entrances of the store.

RIP Victoria Sears.