Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick Update Esplanade Mall Kenner Louisiana June 2010

This is an entrance to the Esplanade Mall in Kenner Louisiana. This is a two story mall anchored by Macy's, Dillard's Men, and Dillard's women. Mervyn's was an anchor but they closed several years ago. Not much has changed since my last visit in 2008, but there are several new vacancies. The mall is very much alive and well, but even some of the main parts of the mall have empty stores now.

This former Mervyn's is rumored to be torn down and replaced by a Target. It has been vacant since the beginning of 2006 when Mervyn's left Louisiana. The mall needs to be as aggressive as possible to get this spot filled. The former Mervyn's is aging, and some of the sidewalks appear to be sinking around the building (which is common in the New Orleans area, but a hazard).

Macy's reopened a couple of years ago, but eliminated their third floor. I also found it odd that Macy's put a new sign up and left their old signs intact.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lake Forest Plaza Revisited June 2010

The beat up Mall sign is the only reminder of the mall that was here. All along I-10 in New Orleans East from Morrison to the I-510 interchange there are empty shopping centers and even a former Six Flags amusement park that have been sitting for five years. With an estimated population of 40,000 in the New Orleans East area many wonder why corporations are not coming back to New Orleans East.

The Lowe's is the only business open; a grocery store or Target here could make a killing.

The Grand Cinema is still vacant; this should have come back by now.

Looking at the site of where the mall was; when will the developers get this site back into commerce. There is no big box retail except for Lowe's and Home Depot that had reopened along I-10.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Schwegmann Plaza New Orleans East

This shopping center at Bullard Rd & I-10 is one of the surprising casualties of the Hurricane. The center was very popular before the Hurricane and at a great location. Only Pep Boys and some of the restaurants have returned to the center. The rest of the center is overgrown with weeds and small trees waiting for a rebirth. Since most of the retail along Read Blvd & I-10 was wiped out by the hurricane I am surprised that this center has not been reopened.

This is the namesake of the shopping center a former Schwegmann supermarket that closed in 1999. This operated as a Sav A Center market until Hurricane Katrina flooded out the site. The back of the center is fenced off to vehicles.

This was where the Big Lots formerly McFrugals operated. There were also some small retail stores in this section of the center.

Circuit City closed before the hurricane.

Toy's R Us another casualty of the Hurricane.

On the outer ring of the center; yet another casualty of Hurricane Katrina the Taco Bell. The Taco Bell was consolidated with the KFC a couple of buildings down saving space. There is also a McDonald's and a buffet on the outer ring that are open.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

West Oaks Mall: In trouble?

The vacancies are on the upswing at West Oaks Mall. The Disney store is gone and several other stores have left or have been replaced by independent retailers. The children's area has been moved to the front of the vacant JCPenney. The mall is in a very busy area of Houston and still in great condition, so why is the mall declining?

Dillard's West Oaks is now a clearance store. I wonder if there is room for two clearance stores in Houston?

The nearly empty former Mervyn's/ Steve & Barry's wing. They have put up the research office to block the rest of the empty wing. Some stores have moved to the Macy's & Sears section of the mall and Journey's will be moving there soon as well. The mall may be trying to empty out this entire wing for redevelopment.

Blurry pictures of the food court. This is when my camera started to mess up. Only seven food/ snack outlets are left.