Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Goodbye Sears Baybrook Mall

Sears Baybrook opened in 1978 along with the grand opening of the mall, and was the last original anchor left at the mall. The store had an extended closing sale and the closing date was moved from September 2017 to January 2018. As you can see from my photos taken in late August of 2018, the store had a lot of inventory and a discount of 10-60% off. 

The reflection on the floor from the sign was awesome. Too bad these signs did not get moved to a nearby location. 
This Sears location was one of the nicer ones in the Houston area. (1st floor entrance)
This store very strongly resembles the Sears in Waco Texas in many aspects, even though that store is smaller.

We will now go to the second floor.
The store still had a decent amount of electronics prior to the closing sale. 

As most of us know now, Sears electronics departments have shrunk significantly over the past few years. This store was probably the last one I will visit that still had a large electronics department that had not been painted over. 

Not much activity in this somewhat hidden part of the store.


As with many Sears locations, this store had mattresses all over the place. As store shelves get dismantled and less and less products arrive to stores, the mattress departments grow. 

A standard Sears checkout counter.

A peek into the former portrait studio.

An interesting design here above the escalators.

Now we go back downstairs.


These hearing aid departments were always in some random room in the store. This one is no exception, right in the middle of the tool department. 

I am not so sure the Made in the USA sign is true anymore.

For a second, I thought that was a dude staring at me. Nothing like a realistic store poster to get your attention.

A short video from the tool department. I like the changing image sign.

Now we walk towards the softlines going towards the mall entrance.

Here is the rare photo on my blog of a jewelry counter. 

The outside of the store where we entered and left to store.

A few more outdoor shots of the store.

Adios Sears Baybrook. RIP January 2018.