Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Fry's Electronics NASA Webster Texas 2019

Here is the one everyone wants to see. This Fry's opened in 2004 shortly before the Southwest Houston location opened up in early 2005. This Fry's location is unlike any other with a space theme inside and outside as well. When you drive up on either side of the store, you see this mock space station edge. 

Both sides of the store entrance have this decoration.

The main entrance of the store is pretty awesome even 15 years after the store opened. There are lots of neat things inside of this store.

The entrance has foil insulation that is falling down.

But first impressions inside of the main store are jawdropping. I have been to this store multiple times over the years and I still love this theme. A huge shuttle is right above the walkway into the store.

This is the front of the shuttle with astronauts in the background for realism. The customer service desk is below the astronauts.

This is the main aisle of the store. A huge satellite (or is it the Space Station) takes up most of the aisle all the way to the back of the store. 

Another view of the main entrance to the store.

Not as cool as the entrance to the store, but the computer parts area looks nice with the American and International flags.

Cafe 34 is just as neat as the rest of the store.

More satellites are all over the store. The presentation rooms are to the left.

This store is a little more organized and keeps their smaller selection of items close to the signage. The other 2 Fry's locations we visited had signage and no products near the department signage.

Another view of the huge satellite with office supplies below.

The demo rooms are sadly mostly empty like at the other Fry's locations.

The TV department is pretty nice as well.

TV's on the floor where shelving used to be at.

The presentation rooms side view.

Check out the wall design.

The television department here suffers from the same inventory issues as the other Fry's locations.

The audio testing room is somewhat plain in comparison to the rest of the store.

This corner of the store looks really empty. They need to put up more display televisions.

The car speaker wall was out of service. 

The huge selection of air conditioners.

Stock room issues emptiness.

As you can see, the flags go all the way across the front of the store.

The color changing LED frame around this banner is a nice touch.

Boxed appliances on the sales floor to take up space. 

The store looks massive from this viewpoint. 

Here is the other side of that stockroom. 

Magazine aisle across from the checkouts.

Restrooms/telephones. As you can see the telephones are gone.

More empty space taken up by appliances and other large boxed items. These are the front aisles that were full of music and movies years ago.

Now this is all that remains of the music and movie selection.

Entryway to the checkout counters.

Looking towards Cafe 34.

The records hanging from the wall are just above the record section.

Some up close photos of the products on this aisle.

The record selection was pretty sad.

The advertisement monitors were blank at this location.

The checkout counters.

Now onto the other side of the store starting with the computer parts.

As you can see, this store appears to have more stock in this area than the previous locations.

Looking at the front displays from the computer side of the store.

Plenty of shopping hand baskets.


More views of the product lines available in this side of the store.

Front entrance/exit and checkout counters.

The computer component help desk.

More computer department stock photos.

Back to the main aisle in the center of the store.

Books, toys and games.

Lawn and garden. 😬

Perfumes, kites, and toys.

More perfumes, colognes, and cosmetics.

Video games.


More toys and games.

More video games.

The Nintendo selection is pretty sad. Keep in mind that this was 2019, before the Covid Nintendo product shortages.

Here we are in the back corner of the store, computer and office departments.

Computer displays.

Not sure what was going on here, but the shelves were nearly completely empty.

Keyboards and mice look pretty slim.

There is a little more stock in the backroom on this side of the store. 

The other back corner of the store has a decent amount of stock.

But the computer accessories are lacking.

This part of the stockroom is empty.

Looking towards the middle of the store, from the back corner.

The computer displays.

There is so much going on in this part of the store, it is easy to get distracted.

Another help desk.

The Apple Computer counter is pretty sad. Not many display models left.

More of the aisles in the computer side of the store.

The office department.

This shuttle looks almost like an inflatable baloon.

This shopping basket display is out of baskets.

The entrance to the main presentation room, sadly the door was locked.

I forgot to mention the astronauts in the glass at the entrance to each small presentation room.

Not much going on here.

The audio department of the store.

I like the decorative lighting in this presentation room, but none of the displays worked.

You can see wires hanging down above the entrance to the room.

I wonder how many times these astronaut suits have freaked employees out.

Now for more of the store.

More views of the car stereo testing areas.

Tons of these signs all over the store.

Found the small pet department. It is funny that hair dryers and hair curlers are right by that Pet Grooming sign, lol.

The kitchen appliances.

Cell phones and accessories.

Mattresses and more.

This is all that remains of the magazines, the shelves used to be a lot longer.

Another view of the stock room from near the restrooms. This stockroom is near the TV's and appliances.

Looking towards the large appliances.

Now we head to the checkouts, down the long impulse buy aisle.

An up-close view of the checkouts. Notice the murals on the walls in the background.

As we close this post, here are more views of the exterior of the store after dark.

Road sign off of I-45.

More blog posts in the works.