Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Fiesta Mart Mesa Rd. and Tidwell Rd. April 2022 visit

The storefront has the new signage but retains the chasing lights surrounding the sign. This store and the Lyons Ave. near I-10 have the same signage. Once I compile my Youtube video of Fiesta signage in action, you will see this one as well. This is a very clean and modern store.

The inside of this store has been fully remodeled. Well almost, you will see one part of the store has not been.

A view of the produce department with the seafood counter in the distance.

The glass square tiles are probably original to the design of the store.

Live crawfish and crabs!

Now for the main reason to visit this store. Somehow this one corner of the store escaped remodeling. The awesome blue neon crab and three shades of blue waves really stands out in the store. 

I am finding out that a few Fiesta locations that have been remodeled are retaining at least some part of the old store designs. Some stores still have the old exterior signage as well like this one does.

Now for the rest of the store. Yellow, red, tangerine, and black ceilings with LED lighting throughout. It is about as bland as you can get. 

As you can see this store is modern but fairly bland. Many of the 2020's remodels of Fiesta stores still have a good variety of colors even without the neon of years past. 

The department signage is fairly plain as well. 

Front entrance to the store.

Plenty of pinatas!

More views of the store.

Notice how bland the design of the meat department is. This area needs the neon Parrot! 🦜

Lower Food Prices, this used to be the slogan on just about every storefront years ago. 

From this angle, the store design does not seem too bad. I do like the aisle signs here.

Not sure where the pharmacy was, I didn't see any info about a pharmacy except for this sign.

The clothing department. This store has a decent selection although many Fiesta locations have eliminated clothing completely. The selection of clothes does not seem to be as robust as in years past.

Aisle count ends with #13. 😨

The middle aisle to split the store in half. Like many Fiesta locations, the front half of the store has low height aisles to help see across the store.

A wide view of the half front of the store.

Dressing rooms still "closed" for the pandemic.

A wide view of the store from the clothing department.

Dairy and freezer aisle.

This spot above the dairy department looks a little bit out of place. I wonder if this was another part of the store to survive the remodel. 

Now for a couple of back aisle shots.

The seafood department signage in the far center of the photo really pops out. It is a shame that the rest of the store is bland in comparison.


Monday, May 2, 2022

Northwest Mall March and April 2022 update

Here is a quick Northwest Mall update.

March 2022 visit.

Nothing has changed here, Foley's/Macy's still abandoned and rotting away. This anchor has been closed for almost 14 years now, can you believe that Hurricane Ike happened that long ago?

One of the faded remaining banners from the final years of the mall.

The last business in place at the mall. This is the only part of the mall that has parking lot lights, pretty sketchy spot for college students. 

The main/food court entrance.

The former JCPenney/Antique Center is now closed.

Another set of banners on the former JCPenney.

Even though the Antique Center used this building, the exterior was never cleaned off or painted while they were in business.

The back entrance near the Palais Royal.

Abandoned Palais Royal with clear labelscar.

Let's take a look inside through the glass. Lots of fixtures in place.

Lights are on in the mall. You can barely see the food court and center court.

April 2022 additional photos, mall is now completely dead.

Or is it? The lights are still on inside and you can see through the plywood if you look close enough. 

The last tenant, College of Healthcare professionals moved out sometime between my March visit and now.

Rumors are that the mall will be demolished in the near future for the high-speed rail station.