Thursday, April 22, 2021

La Plaza Mall McAllen Texas Jan 2020

La Plaza Mall in McAllen Texas. 

This is the powerhouse mall in the Valley. At over 1.2 million square feet mostly on one level, this mall is huge. In addition to the traditional anchors, a lot of junior anchors have two floors. Two Macy's stores, Dillard's, JCPenney, and Cut! by Cinemark are the main anchors. Sears also anchored the mall but closed in 2015 and was redeveloped into more mall space.

The first two photos are from my 2019 visit to the area. The remainder are from January 2020.

We went really early in the day before the mall filled up with customers. An hour after the mall opened, it was filled with customers.

With this being a Simon property, there is not much color. There are some cool lighting effects like this one and more you will see below.

We visited the mall over 2 weeks after Christmas. It was really nice to see the decorations still up.

The Dillard's

This middle area of the mall has several two level junior anchors.

The wall to the right is where part of the mall was being demolished for the new Cut! by Cinemark cinema.

This part of the mall was the former Sears which was demolished. This stretch of the mall is split into two corridors with some two level stores, and several restaurants. The way this area opens up really grabs your attention.

This new section of the mall is really nice with lots of natural light. A few store spaces had not yet been filled, but three of the big fast causal retailers are located in this part of the mall.

The store entrances really stand out here. 

I would have to say this part of the mall looks really cool. The retro bake shop and the ultra modern Forever 21 storefront. 

One of the entryways with fountains and green astroturf fields.

This part of the mall that used to be Sears looks really nice, and still smelled new on our visit.

The Macy's Home Store anchor also has a Backstage closeout store inside.

I like this light feature in the food court.

The food court has a lot going on. 

A tight corridor that leads from the food court towards JCPenney and the main Macy's store.

The JCPenney corridor.

The Macy's corridor.

A rare mall Luby's. 

Now from exterior mall shots.

This part of the mall was being demolished to make way for a movie theater.

The main Macy's has some extra greenery that most stores don't have.

After walking to Kmart, we return to the mall for some more shots.
Food court 


Macy's main store.

Macy's Home Store.


JCPenney and Macy's Main store.