Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kmart Lake Charles La revisited 2013

Looks like the Lake Charles Kmart was getting a new sign on my visit earlier this summer. The Big K sign was removed and the wall was painted over to remove any labelscar from the old sign. 

Early 2012 comparison of the front of the store. 
Not much has changed on the inside of the store as of this point, but maybe more will happen besides just a sign change. 

The electronics department, I suspect that behind the blue panels are the exact same pictures as in many Kmart stores including Lufkin.

Garden center

The checkouts and exit of the store. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

ALCO Pasadena Tx

Thanks to one of my loyal readers for the tip on the existence of these stores in the Houston area, and the confirmation of this store being a former Kmart location. 

ALCO stores have been in business since 1901 as mainly a small town retailer. These stores remind me of the discount stores of Woolworth and TG&Y but with a modern look. In less than 50,000 square feet, ALCO features nearly every product department that Walmart and Target have, but with a smaller selection of products. ALCO currently has two stores in the Houston area. The other one on Gessner in Houston is a clearance store and does not currently offer the full selection that this store has. If you are looking for an alternative to Walmart and Target, this may be what you are looking for. 

Yes the large A/C vents were a clue to the ALCO's past life as a Kmart location. 

The electronics section is in the front of the store which is always a must visit for me. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Deauville Mall Kingwood; Kingwood Texas

Here is the former Kingwood Deauville Mall which is now a successful hospital. Here is the current directory which does not have the additions which are under construction. 
The Deauville Mall Kingwood has a very interesting story. Construction started in 1985 on what was going to be the fourth Houston area Deauville Mall. Near the end of the construction of the mall was when the Deauville company collapsed and lost their other three malls so this mall never opened for business. For a few years Kingwood held community garage sales in the mall parking lot. The Friendswood Development Company took over management of the property and nearly sold the property to Atari the video game company in 1988. The deal fell through and the mall sat for another two years until the property was converted into an upscale hospital and medical center which opened in 1991. 

The mall was built at 350,000 square feet and 31 stores were projected to open with the mall in 1986.
Here are two businesses out of the mystery 31 which were going to open at the mall.
Lowe's Kingwood Cinemas

As you can see from the photos below the Deauville style is still in place in many sections of the original mall. There are two major additions under construction which will further increase the size of the hospital. 
Here we start with the interior of the former mall looking from North to South. The interior looks very similar to the Spring Deauville Mall which still has many untouched portions of the mall intact. See Deauville Mall North.
This was more than likely the anticipated food court of the mall.
The center court of the mall.
This entrance is currently closed due to the construction of the new three story addition of the mall. 
Facing South at the end of the mall towards what was probably once an anchor spot. 
A different view of the center court facing Southeast. 
Facing North this was probably where another anchor was going to be located.