Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Southland Mall Houma LA

Here is a classic 1969 South Louisiana Mall. The Southland Mall is located in Houma Louisiana at Bayou Gardens and Westpark Ave just south of Highway 90 (future I-49 freeway). Houma is located about an hour away from New Orleans and 30 minutes from Morgan City LA. The Southland Mall is shaped in an L shape with anchors at each end and a massive anchor in the middle of the mall. The mall has been recently updated and sports a vanilla interior like most of the nicer malls of the 2000's. The Southland Mall is all one level except for the massive Dillard's/ DH Holmes that has 3 levels. The Dillard's here is one of the few stores that Dillard's did not convert to the plain Dillard's style and looks like a DH Holmes on the outside. The three story anchor definitely catches your attention and it faces the main intersection where the mall is located.

The Dillard's/ DH Holmes towers over the mall. Take a good look at the design of the store from both angles; that is how the more modern DH Holmes stores were designed.

The JCPenney exterior is similar in design to the San Jacinto Mall in Baytown.

Rite-Aid Pharmacy was a converted K and B store; that is still open despite the trend of pharmacies leaving malls for their own buildings.
Los Sombreros restaurant
Sears is a basic design with a Sears Hardware store behind the building and across the parking lot.

This Kirschman's closed before the company was acquired in 2006 by Rooms to Go Furniture. The store is located just across the street from the mall. The sign is a find because this is their old logo. The last design the company used was a basic black and white cursive logo.

The inside of the mall is doing well; most of the spaces are occupied by a mix of chain and local stores. Bonus points for the Sports Avenue and F.Y.E. store located here.

The mall does not have a food court and has restaurants in a few spots throughout the mall.

FYE is just to the right of this arcade.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Inglewood Mall Morgan City LA

Here is another fascinating mall from Louisiana. Several Louisiana posts and an update on Mall of the Mainland are on the way, stay tuned. The Inglewood Mall is located just east of downtown Morgan City Louisiana at the corner of 9th and Brashear Rd. (1025 Victor II Blvd), in a city of over 12,000 residents. The mall is shaped in a cross pattern with no large department store anchors and entrances on three sides. The small corridor on the south side of the mall does not have an outside entrance. Unfortunately the mall doors were locked on the 1st visit (on a weekend), so I could not go inside. On my second visit during the week the doors were open, and so were a few offices. This mall featured an A and G Cafeteria, The Computer People store, K and B, and was built in the 1970's. Currently a Tampico Restaurant, Lake Cinema, a bank, and a few offices are open for business. There is no online information about what happened to this mall; we would appreciate any comments that can tell us more about this mall. The mall was obviously built in an area that could not support a mall with a large enough population. Any comments about some more stores that were here in the past or important events will be appreciated.

This is the east entrance to the mall. K and B was just to the left of the entrance behind the middle tree. The Tampico restaurant appeared to be nearly empty on this weekend day.

This former K and B location has seen better days. Water damage or humidity has really taken its toll on the interior of the store. The pharmacy "prescriptions" can still be clearly seen with the peeling K and B purple wall paper.
The cinema is the most lively part of the mall even though the cinema does not appear to have mall access.

This is the entrance to the west wing of the mall next to the cinema.
The east wing facing west. This mall is stuck in the 1970's and I will make a return trip on a weekday in the future to take a walk inside and get better photos. The mall appears to be in good repair despite the aged look.

The west wing facing east.

The north wing facing south.

The second visit Jan 2012; when the mall was open.
It is never a good sign when "we are open" is on the sign of a business.
The entrance to the cinema.
The main entrance to the mall.

The interior of the mall did not have many lights on and was very dark. The businesses open inside of the mall are the court reporters, a bank, an office for the Morgan City government, a medical supply shop, Tampico Restaurant, and there are a few other storefronts that were labeled, but were closed on my visit.

This dead end in the mall looks to have been a back entrance to the cinema.

I can see why most of the lights are off; there are hundreds of bulbs around the skylights. The bill would be high even with a switch to florescent bulbs.

Inside of the mall; I was able to get a much better shot of the K and B store. I visited this store in 1998 when it was still open. The mall did not have any retail stores left in 1998 either.

This is the entrance to the Tampico Restaurant 'after hours club"

The storefronts in the mall are all retro 1970's/1980's and very well preserved.