Friday, September 27, 2019

RIP Sunrise Mall Corpus Christi Texas 1981-March 2019 Update from my January 2019 visit

I visited the legendary Sunrise Mall just in time.
As of March 2019, the interior of Sunrise Mall was closed to the public. 

I last visited the mall in 2012 and a lot had changed since then.
Only 3 businesses inside were still open Factory Shoe Warehouse, Workforce Solutions, and War and Peace LTD which was in the final days. The second floor, center court, and the Wilcox Furniture corridor were closed off.   

Anchors of the center are Sears, Wilcox Furniture, Planet Fitness, Freedom Fitness, Burlington Coat Factory, and New Life Church. Sears which opened in 1974 is slated to close in December 2019.

These images were taken on 2 separate visits in January 2019.
Here is my video addition to the mall.

As you can see, the second floor was closed off to the public. Boards covering the top and bottom of the stairs and escalators prevented any one from getting up there.

This is the only business now left open inside of the mall. I am guessing that the entrance is now walled off from the rest of the mall.

Too bad the neon signs were not on, these looked really awesome.

The center court and Wilcox Furniture corridor were barricaded. There was at least one security guard on the premise so I was not going to enter.

This office recently had moved out of the mall.

Too bad this area was taped off.

The famous escalators that were part of a scene in the Legend of Billy Jean movie. The waterfall in between the escalators was shut off.

The Port food court sign, this also looked awesome when it was on.

This small extension of the mall looks strange compared to the rest of the mall. The mural is awesome though.

A view of the closed off second floor through the windows of Sears.

How the mall looks from the Sears entrance.

This looks like it may have been an Oshman's sporting goods previously.

Christmas spirit at War and Peace.

This was the busiest section of the mall with War and Peace and Factory Shoe Warehouse.

Pretzel World had recently closed as well.

More of the stunning center court.

Even though the trees were looking sad, this center court is vintage 1980's at its best.

This cookie place had been gone a long time, the menu photos were so faded.

A bar had recently closed up shop here and left the mall for greener pastures.

This service corridor had locked bathrooms. There are some signs leading you to this empty store to the left.

In the back of this empty store is the mall restroom. Yes just a small stall with no soap or TP. I had to step in and take a look, but I did not get a photo of the stall. 

More center court goodness.

Going back towards Sears.

This was the last store in the mall. It lasted until March 2019.
Sears will close in November 2019.

The mural in the corridor next to Sears. This hallway is much different than the rest of the mall. I believe it was added later to connect the Stein Mart to the mall.

These stickers on the entrance doors are awesome.

The Wilcox Furniture building has had some extensive renovations.

The sign is looking sad, I wonder if the missing panels fell off during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

More signage on the mall property.

Gotta love the old school entrance.

This is the side of Mervyn's that is not occupied by Planet Fitness.

As you can see, Planet Fitness slightly modified the rest of the former Meryn's building.

Sears Auto Center is attached to the store.

Sears, Planet Fitness, and a mall entrance together. From this view, the mall does not look dead.

War and Peace was still open on my visit. The owner told me they were going to be there until January 15th.

The other side of the above sign was missing the Sunrise logo.


The mall entrance where the Workforce Solutions is located.

Burlington takes up one floor of the former Frost Brothers anchor.

New Life Church, this was the former Stein Mart.

Here are the photos from my second visit the next day.

At the mall entrance between Planet Fitness and Sears.

Only one set of doors was open.

This Academy had also left for greener pastures.

So many vintage store fronts in this mall. 

Sadly, the directory was long gone. Only old advertisements were left.

I really wanted to see the second floor, but I was not brave enough to make a run up here.

War and Peace had two store fronts and lots of items on display in this section of the mall.

This tree summed up how the business was going at the mall during the Christmas season.

Now for some more center court goodness.

Going towards the Burlington Coat Factory.

Water stains are visible all over the ceilings of the mall.

The front of Burlington.

Looking into the mall from the front of Burlington.

Yep, not going to try to get upstairs here either.

This beam was in poor condition. 

J Riggings sign visible.

The corridor that leads to the mall entrance between Wilcox Furniture and Planet Fitness.

The service corridor with the locked bathrooms.

The inside of the store with the only mall restroom left.

Better close-ups of the cookie place.

A close-up of Pretzel World.

One of the most awesome views to see in the mall.

A few more random shots throughout the mall.

Sad plastic flowers.

From this view the mall looks lively.

Skylight and glass reflection.

Former Mervyn's mall entrance, space now occupied by Planet Fitness.

The road signs along the highway from a different angle.

Sunset at the Sunrise Mall.

Farewell Sunrise Mall.