Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Northgate Mall Lafayette Louisiana April 2021 update

Here is a quick update to the still going Northgate Mall in Lafayette Louisiana. This is an older update to the mall. We recently did a 2023 update along with more Louisiana retail goodies. Surprisingly the mall is doing better in 2023. One of the reasons why this mall seems to continually reinvent itself is the lack of retail options in the area. Walmart closed their nearby Supercenter several years ago and the nearby shopping centers along the Acadiana Thruway are struggling.

Planet Fitness moved in and keeps the back area of the mall alive. The call center still has not been replaced as of March 2023.

As you all know by now. All Stage stores closed in 2020 with the liquidation of the company. I believe this store closed a few years earlier than the bankruptcy.

Most of the road signs have been blown out.

The former Albertsons is now a learning academy.

This road sign is still mostly intact, but some slots have fallen out.

West Mall entrance with the former Albertsons to the left of the mall entrance.

Let's go inside to see how the mall is doing.

Not too much traffic on this weekday around lunchtime.

The Transcom mall entrance. The call center has been closed for several years unfortunately.

The East court.

A cluster of businesses in the East wing of the mall.

The inside of the former Kay Bee Toys. Not too many of these still exist these days.

The front of the Kay Bee Toys and former Cookie Shop.

The Real Deal store on the right has taken over the former Anna's Linens store.

Hibbett Sports is one of the few national retailers still in the mall.

A current layout of the mall. Sadly the old mall directories have been removed.

Footaction, as you know all Footaction stores were closed in early 2022.

I really like the skylight designs throughout the mall. 

The hallway leading to the public restrooms.

The hallway is inside of a former store.

More of the cool ceiling design elements in the mall.

The cutoff corridor that led to the former Montgomery Ward.

That is all for now. More to come soon.