Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Plaza Juarez Mall in Juarez Mexico June 2019 update

Here is another 2019 post from my deep archives. This is the Plaza Juarez Mall in June of 2019. 

The sign is translated to "You will find everything at Plaza Juarez Mall.

Soriana, the huge supercenter style store that anchors the mall.

The electronics department was shrinking at this point. I wonder if they still have anything left in 2023.

Checkout counters.

This would have been nearly impossible to find in a year. Who would have known in 2019 that toilet paper would be nearly impossible to find in 2020. The sheer size of this display is what caught my eye to photograph it for this post.

General merchandise and mattresses.

This Soriana is a lot older than the Sendero Mall locations, but still looks really good for the building age.

More merchandise displays.

The Lawn and Garden corner of the store.


More general merchandise aisles.

Electronics caps in the main aisle near the mall entrance. I wonder if the store was close to a remodel on our visit as this area of the store had a lot of holes in the merchandise selection.

Now we head into the mall. The Coppel anchor is just past Soriana in this section of the mall. 

Let's take a peak inside of the Coppel.

The Nintendo selection.

Playstation and Nintendo area, notice the PS3 cards above the Nintendo stuff below.

Huge selection of TV's.

A/C units and bikes. 

Some of the artwork for sale

Website kiosk, reminds me of the Kmart kiosks.


Back out into the mall we go. It was just after opening that we entered the mall so some stores were still setting up shop. Keep that in mind as we go through the mall. This place gets really busy later on in the day.

The event stage.

Cimaco Department Store

Videogame department. To me, it is really cool that department stores in Mexico still have these. Department stores here really have a much better variety of products than you will find here in the United States. 

Even though this area is not very large, the selection of items here rivals what Gamestop carries in 2023. It was a real treat to check out this department.


When Hoverboards were fairly new.

Checkout counter.

Kids department.

Furniture department.

Furniture department with the electronics in the far view.

Cometics, sunglasses, fragrances, and jewelry counters.

Back into the mall near the food court, we have this prayer area.

Pet store, there are not many of these left in American Malls.

More views of the mall.

The mall splits into two parallel corridors between Cimaco and Soriana.

Each split corridor has a nice skylight.

I really like the old school look of this store.

Back to the Soriana/Coppel side of the mall.

Sounds, which is similar to an FYE store. We have featured several of these locations in the blog.

More views as we leave the mall.

More to come, stay tuned!