Friday, November 13, 2015

Kmart updates from 2015

Here are a few additional photos of these previously featured Kmart stores in Louisiana.

Kmart Pineville La.
Now for more interior shots.
Here is what was left of the video game section. 
One of the few stores left that still has a music section.
The movie aisles 
A wide view of the clothing departments.
Another wide view of the electronics section.

Kmart Lake Charles La.

What was left of the game cases.
The music section at Lake Charles
The music and movie sections

More views of the video game cases.
A wide view of the electronics and appliance sections.
A vintage Kmart blood pressure machine
The video game aisles after the cases were mostly removed. 
The last of the video games at the Lake Charles Kmart.
The latest in Kmart security technology 
Gretna La. closed storefront