Saturday, January 4, 2014

Oakwood Center Mall 2013 Gretna Louisiana

Here is the first post of 2014, enjoy. 
Since our last visit to the mall the former Mervyn's and K & B anchors have been demolished. A new Dick's sporting goods and several new stores have opened in the formerly closed mall corridor. A fire in the mall after Hurricane Katrina shut the whole mall down for over a year and this section of the mall did not reopen until now. The new anchor completes the mall for the first time since the mall was closed in 2005 after the fire. 
Here are some zoom in photos taken from the parking lot near the construction area. This section of the mall is now open.  
The other side of the renovations has stores with exterior entrances. 
The JCPenney/ former Maison Blanche still have many elements of the former anchor.  
As you can see the store is much fancier than a normal JCPenney. The store was under construction in these photos, adding the new departments that are now common at JCPenney's across the country. 
As you can see the Dick's was already being advertised in the mall corridors. 
This section of the mall that is blocked off was reopened with new stores and the new Dick's sporting goods anchor. 
Looking from the Dick's corridor to the fountain. 
From the fountain looking towards the Food Court. 
From the Dillard's entrance looking towards the Food Court and center court of the mall.