Friday, November 9, 2018

Toys R Us Beaumont Tx

Here is another entry into the final days of Toys R Us as we knew it. Even though Toys R Us is coming back with small Geoffrey's Toy Box displays at Kroger stores, the big box stores are still shut down for now. This was the Beaumont Texas location which is right across the highway from Parkdale Mall. These photos were taken on the same day as the Lake Charles TRU walkthrough.

Notice the returns/exchanges part of the sign was taped over.
Some of the new merchandise was an overload of Animal Crossing Amiibos and Skylanders figures. 

Here are more views of the interior of the store. 

A wide view of the front of the store, with the electronics in the background.

This location still had a fair amount of video games left.

The face down Mario says it all.

Lots of drones too.

A really cool TRU exclusive R2D2.

Why yes I do need help!

Fastlane is the generic toy line TRU carried.

The bikes were still very well stocked.

This location had the new configuration of registers up front. One line that lead to a square of checkouts similar to Micro Center and many other retailers. I like this format because if you get into a normal line that gets held up you are stuck. If one register gets held up here, there are other registers that will be available without moving to a different line.

That is it for this post, sorry for the slow pace of producing new posts. I have a lot of material that needs to be put together, but I work when I have time. Thanks for continuing to support the blog and comment.