Friday, January 31, 2020

World Trade Center Mall and Sears Mexico City

From the Mexico series, we have the Sears and mall at the WTC in Mexico City. This Sears is mostly 3 levels, but there are 2 lower mini floors with products that mostly lead to parking garages. The mall which is quite small, has 3 floors as well. The office tower is connected to the mall on the first floor. This is a perfect example of an excellent mixed use project in highly populated areas such as this one.

There is also the attached 50 story WTC tower. The top of the tower features a revolving restaurant that has great views of the city. 
This Sears is upscale in comparison to some of the other stores I visited in the city.

A mini Sanborns is on the main floor.
A view of the escalator setup showing the 3 levels of the store.

The toy department.
Not sure why, but these games caught my eye.

A mini Pier 1 Imports on the upper level. Every Sears in Mexico I have visited, has a Pier 1 mini store.

More of the upper level.

Lawn and garden.
Sears Travel agents.
Auto and tires.

Credit center.
Video games, my favorite department.

More Televisions

Now for a peak into the attached mall, 3rd level.

The lights on the floor is a nice touch.
The 3rd level entrance with the massive candy counter.

Athletic wear and mopeds.
Sporting goods.

A look down at the levels in the store. At the bottom of the escalators are the lower mini floors.
Now a peak into the mall at the 2nd floor.
The evacuation route shows the layout of the complex.

Back into the store we go to the lower main level 
Here is the locations of each department in the store. Sotano 1 and sotano 2 stands for basement 1 and 2, the mini floors.

Now we look into the first floor of the mall. This part of the mall goes to the office tower elevators. (Not pictured, too much security).
It looks like most of the businesses in the mall are only open during the day.

1st floor mall entrance.
Here is the basement level 2.
And the basement level 1 with furniture displays.

Welcome to Sears.
A look up at the main 3 floors of the store.

Here is the 2nd basement level, not much to see here.
Now for the mini Sanborns.
Candy counter.

Music and electronics.

You gotta love the gross tobacco warning labels. These may get implemented in the USA in the future.

Sanborns store and restaurant advertisements. Sanborns has an excellent restaurant especially for breakfast. 
A better view of the majority of the store.
Store hours 11-9pm daily. No early closings in Mexico.
More photos of the mall.

I managed to get one photo of this awesome entryway to the tower/mall complex. 
Now for the exterior of the complex.
Several sit down restaurants and cafes.
One of the entrances to the parking garage, with the tower in the background. It was a very long walk to get around the complex, I underestimated the size of the trade center.
The exterior entrance to the Sanborns restaurant.

Starbucks is just as easy to find in Mexico City as it is in the United States. Every retail area we visited had at least one, some malls had multiple Starbucks locations.
The road sign for the complex. There is also a 9-screen Cinemex cinema within the complex.
One last photo with the Sears and WTC tower overhead.
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