Saturday, February 23, 2013

No more spam please, a blog update

Hello valued blog readers;

     Recently the comments on this blog have been bombarded with spam comments. Please stop sending spam comments disguised as legitimate comments because I will delete the comment before it goes onto the site. Thanks.

     As for the update;

     I am working on several articles that are updates to existing posts and one large post on a mall that will rival the size and material of the Belle Promenade Mall article that I posted in 2012. This and much more is still in store for the rest of 2013. As for 2014, I am still seriously considering retiring from creating posts on the blog. I will continue to reply to comments and post reader submitted articles, but I have accomplished most of what I set off to accomplish with this blog.

Stay tuned.

Here are some photos that I missed with the New Orleans Centre Mall Post.

From the window of the former Lord & Taylor Anchor.

The former Macy's anchor with a cover over the Macy's logo.

Here are a couple of photos from the windows of the former food court on the 1st level. I am not sure what they were doing inside, but it has probably been finished by now.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Neon fading away

Neon was once a must for the newer trendier malls in the United States, but malls have mostly eliminated neon from their designs. Many restaurants and bars still use neon for signs, but with LED lighting costs going down neon is on the way out. Downtown areas in the mid 1900's were also lined with buildings that had neon signs, but very few remain today in most areas of the United States. A few retailers such as Target also still use neon in their stores, but the next generation remodels will more than likely eliminate neon from most if not all retail establishments. Here are some examples from my blog of malls with neon.

Lakeside Mall Metairie Louisiana
Neon on the support columns. Photos from Jan. 2012
Cortana Mall Baton Rouge Louisiana
Neon in the JCPenney and Macy's court. Photos from Jan. 2012.
The Mall of Acadiana Lafayette Louisiana
Neon in the center court. Photo from Jan. 2012.
Riverwalk Marketplace New Orleans Louisiana 
Neon in several places, but this mall is scheduled for a complete remodel and will become an Outlet  Mall in the near future. Photos from 2010.
Photo from May 2012.
University Mall Nacogdoches Texas
Neon throughout the mall. Photos from Sept. 2012.
Sunrise Mall Corpus Christi Texas
Neon Burlington Signs and several signs in the food court area. Photos from May 2012.  
Post Oak Mall College Station Texas
The neon has been removed from the mall though as part of the 2012 renovation. Photos from late 2011.
Brazos Mall Former Gadzooks Lake Jackson Texas 
(Look behind the plant). Photo from late 2011.
South Park Mall San Antonio Texas
All mall signage. Photos from Sept. 2011.
Wonderland of the Americas Mall San Antonio Texas
Neon signs all over the mall. Photos from Sept. 2011 & Sept. 2012.
Ridgmar Mall Fort Worth Texas
Near the food court and in the Sears court. Photos from the Summer of 2012.
Mall of the Mainland Texas City Texas
Neon throughout the mall. Photos from early 2012.
On my past two trips to Mall of the Mainland the neon has been turned off. Currently the mall is up for sale and the nearby brand new Tanger Outlet Mall has hurt business. A few stores also left the Mall of the Mainland and moved to the new Tanger Outlets.