Monday, June 6, 2016

Southwest Center/Red Bird Mall Dallas Texas 2015

Southwest Center/Red Bird Mall in Southwest Dallas opened in 1975 and enjoyed many years of success. The mall was anchored by Sears, JCPenney, Sanger-Harris, and Titche's with a later Montgomery Ward addition. Sears is the last original anchor, JCPenney closed in 2001 and was demolished. Dillard's closed in 2007 and was partially renovated for reuse as a multi-use development but stalled. Montgomery Ward closed with the bankruptcy of the chain and was reopened as a Burlington Coat Factory with very little changes made to the building. Sanger-Harris became Foley's and then Macy's in 2006 along with the rest of the chain. Titche's became Joske's and then Dillard's in the late 80's. The mall had a major renovation and expansion in the mid 1990's. The mall has struggled for many years due to competition, a perception of crime, and stagnant nearby residential development. The previous ownership stabilized and made minor improvements to the mall in the late 00's. A local owner purchased the mall building, Dillard's building, and JCPenney land in 2015. The new owner obtained funding from the city to help redevelop the property as long as he invests at least 15 million in improvements by 2019. 
One side of Sears along with the attached auto center.
The Burlington was one of the newer Wards stores built in the 1990's as part of a major expansion and renovation of the mall.
The mall just stops where the JCPenney used to stand.
The empty plot of land where JCPenney used to stand.
Food court entrance.
Macy's with the old Sanger-Harris exterior design.
Sears and the mall entrance.
The mall map
A look over the wall of the closed off portion of the mall. Past the staircase was the entrance to JCPenney which closed over 10 years ago. The second floor in the former JCPenney corridor is still open with the Food court and several more stores. 
Looking at the end of the mall toward the center court.
Old school neon with mirrors 
The center court of the mall.
One of the skylights and openings to view the first floor.
One of the mall maps with the logo of the mall.
The food court.
Near the food court.
More views of the center court and the Macy's anchor.
On the first floor, you can see the wall that blocks the corridor leading to the former JCPenney.
The first floor entrance to Burlington.
A vacant storefront on the second level.
A large recently updated Foot Locker.
The Sears and Burlington wing of the mall, second level.
The Burlington was built as a Montgomery Ward store, one of the few new stores the company built in the 1990's.
Looking back towards the mall from the Sears court.
A look inside of Sears.
The entrance to the former Dillard's anchor.
One of the largest Jimmy Jazz stores.