Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Sears Houston Texas Shepherd Rd. February 2020

Here is the North Shepherd Sears a few months prior to closing while still in normal operation. This store sadly closed on August 30, 2020. 

The rare Sears location to still have some electronics in 2020. A lot of these items were still around for the store closing sale.

I tried to save this sign during the closing sale. They wouldn't sell it to me.

Say what you want about the updated Sears logo. I really like it.

The former parts direct counter. The parts direct sign was taken off, but the LED Sears sign was still illuminated.

This location still had a good selection of tools. This was the only store with a good tool selection out of the four remaining stores in the Houston area at this point.

Package pickup area.

Months later, the Sears sign on the far right is part of my collection of Sears memorabilia. 

From the looks of things, this store seemed to be in good condition. It was really a surprise when they pulled the plug just a few months later. The Pasadena store that lasted until January 2021 did not have nearly as much inventory as this store did.

A few months later when I needed one of these, they were all sold out, lol.

The closed off optometrist. 

This was such a nice store despite being 70 years old. The employees here really cared about this store and did their best.

The burned out lights here in the back remained that way up until closing.

This sign is so awesome. That retro font!

The closed off portrait studio.

It was getting harder for them to stretch out the dwindling inventory here.

The former hearing aid booth.

Here is the stairway, straight up old school.

By 2020, all sales at Sears were a blowout event.

In the future, I will compile a huge post to say goodbye to this vintage Sears location. I visited the store every week except for one during the closing sale. I also recorded the final moments of the store with the final loudspeaker announcement.