Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hastings Bryan Texas

Here we are at the Bryan Texas Hastings in the final two weeks of the going out of business sale. This store was located on the former site of the Manor East Mall which is now a big box shopping center. This Hastings store has a lot of similarities to the Lake Jackson Hastings. 

A typical Hastings Superstore had these departments

Movies for sale and to rent
Music CD's and Records both new and used
Video Games for all major consoles for sale and to rent
Books new and used
Fan zone with collectibles from the big 3 major sports and all teams
Toys and collectables
Electronics with TV's, CD players, record players, walkmans, tablets 
Phone accessories
Guitars and musical instruments
Gag gifts
Outdoor sports
Science projects
Hobby shop with build it yourself cars and RC cars
Magazines and newspapers
Greeting cards
Board games
Magic and Pokemon games
and more

Hastings had a lot of things in one store and you could easily spend hours browsing in the store. Hastings was in the beginning stages of adjusting the products in the stores to increase profits when the company went into bankruptcy. 
The video department information counter. 
The two information stations for the video and music/games departments.
Looking into the video game/music/collectibles area.
From the video department looking towards the checkout area.
The empty wall where the video rentals were located.
Near the front entrance and checkout area.
Music/collectibles/game department.
A look at the video game cases.
Looking at where the video games and trend areas were located.
The t-shirt wall in the back of the photo in the trends/video game departments.
Music and trends.
A look at some of the remaining videos left at this point in the sale.
Now for a tour of the video game department.
Up close views of the video game cases. 
Hastings had a large video game selection in their prime, but it was not as good in the final years of the company. 
Lots of empty space at this point in the sale. This is in the back of the store by the video game cases.
Another view of the former video game department.
Near the entrance of the store, we see a Blockbuster movie grab display. These were brought out at the beginning of the going out of business sales ad were not normally in Hastings stores.
Still a few aisles of CD's left at this point in the sale.
More music, take a look at the old school signage in the background.
The registers and the entrance of the store.
I think something is wrong with that CRT television. The movies playing on these TV's by the checkout were probably distracting to the cashiers.
An up close of the CRT.
The book department was down to just a few shelves at this point and mostly blocked off.
The view of the front of the store facing the back in the book department. The cafe was located just behind where this photo was taken from.
A look into the closed off section of the store. 
Some of the remaining books left.
The book department information station.
Another view of the book department information station.
A look over the shelves into the closed off section of the book department.
A much better view of the video department.
Lots of miscellaneous items at the front of the store.  
At the entrance of the store looking from the video department to the music/video game department.