Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Fry's electronics #34 Webster Texas November 2020 (final visit)

Due to the early morning news of Fry's Electronics shutting down, this article was fast-tracked. Please enjoy the article and comment below.

Fry's electronics is no more. Late last night, leaks started online about the sudden closure of all Fry's locations nationwide at the end of the day on 2/23/2021. The Facebook page was shut down and their Twitter page was put on private at about midnight central time. At 4am central time the website made the closure of the company official.  All of the stores are now closed to the public. At the moment, there are no plans to liquidate the merchandise because a lot of their inventory was there on a consignment agreement. I hope they will have a fixture sale in the future because a lot of their displays were really awesome. If you have any memories of Fry's please share them below.

Little did I know at the time, but this would be my last visit to Fry's Electronics. 

During my visit, half of the store was in the process of being cleared out.

Nearly this entire half of the store was empty. Only a few random items were still out on shelves here and there.

One of the car speaker testing rooms.

Formerly TV's

Speaker wall

Empty TV area

The murals across the walls were so awesome.

A few random products in this nearly empty part of the store.

You can see one of the shopping carts in the background. Carts were all over the store to move merchandise out of this half of the store and fill shelves in the other part of the store.

The home theater rooms.

It is hard to see, but the sides of the entryway had astronaut mannequins.

The cinema room, locked still.

This is the half of the store that the inventory was getting moved to.

Another view of the cinema entryway.

A wide view of the cafe.

Here are the appliances. There were very few display models left.

Such an awesome sight.

The signs above the shelves did not match the products anymore. Everything was thrown into this half of the store.

Some aisles were filled up with products.

The large TV selection was pretty bare. 

Computer displays were also mostly empty.

Fry's had gotten a shipment of these generic TV's in various sizes up to 40 inches.

As you can see, even in the parts of the store where products were being stocked there were still large empty spaces.

The back wall had a lot of empty spaces.

A peek into the stockroom.

The front corner of the store had a lot of empty shelves. There were some shopping carts floating around here and there to load up some of the empty spots. 

The computer parts counter.

The computer component side of the store was pretty empty in comparison to the back of the store.

The Covid aisle, more on that below.

Computer repair area, Fry's version of the Geek Squad.

Now for the Covid aisle. Tons of masks, sanitizer, face shields, gloves, cleaning wipes, gowns, and everything except for lysol spray. The brand names on these products I had never heard of. This was one of the best stocked aisles in the entire store. 

Now we will see more random products across this area of the store.

Back to a lot of empty shelves. These are close to the entrance of the store, not a good look at all.


Not sure what happened here, but it looks like a part of the display fell down and was moved here. It was a strange spot to have this sitting at since it is one of the first things you see when walking into the store.

Fry's had this small Christmas product selection tucked into one of the empty areas near the old computer parts. This should have been placed near the entrance since this was Christmas season and a lot of those aisles were empty.

Toys and outdoor sports.

As seen on TV and more sporting goods.

Video games, well what was left.

Cafe 34

Music and movie selection.

More video game stuff.

Cell phone stuff.

Checkout counters.

This was the music department at one time, you can see the records dangling from the ceiling.

The famous cologne and perfume aisle.

Kitchen and housewares.

More views as we head out of the store for the final time.

Fry's will certainly be missed. February 23, 2021 was the final day of business for the 31 or so remaining stores. I am not sure how accurate the store list was just before the website changed last night. 

I wish all of the hard working employees of these stores the best of luck, and for a better future.