Thursday, February 16, 2012

Belle Promenade Mall Revisited January 2012

This is the last part of the actual mall floor that remains from the Belle Promenade Mall in Marrero LA. If you have been following this blog you know the story of this once great mall. This part of the site still has the tiles of the food court and parts of the mall corridor floor still intact. Parts of the foundation of the cinema and the stores surrounding the south portion of the food court are still intact as well. This section of the mall floor and parking lot has survived only because a plan to build condos on this part of the mall site did not come to fruition.

The site from the Lowes parking lot.

The last remaining portion of the mall parking lot.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Small updates to existing articles from 2011

Here is a small collection of photos that are mini-updates from older articles or missed photos from other articles. Several more Louisiana Malls, Louisiana shopping centers, and Louisiana Kmart stores are on the way to the blog in the next few weeks.
Add to the Mall of Acadia Lafayette LA
Here is a shot of the center court detail. I missed this photo on the first post.
Add to Northwest Mall Houston TX
The new Antiques anchor that took over the former JCPenney space opened in late 2011. Currently the nearby US290/I-610 interchange is under construction, and part of the parking lot near the former Macy's has been torn up as part of the project.
Add to Pierre Bossier Mall Bossier City LA
The first two photos were a view inside of the former Service Merchandise anchor.
The mall entrance to the former Service Merchandise
West Oaks Mall Demolition Houston TX late 2011

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tall Timbers Mall

Tall Timbers Mall is located at the corner of General De Gaulle Dr and Woodland Dr in Algiers LA. Tall Timbers Mall opened in the 1970's but I was unable to find out which year exactly. The stores featured here were Grant City which later became a Kmart, a furniture store, and General De Gaulle Storage. The Lionel Playworld opened in November 1980 and Schwegmanns grocery opened in 1973 were two other featured stores. Store spaces from 400 to 15000 square feet were available inside of the mall. The mall was very small and passed between the Grants/ Kmart and Schwegmann store, and the stores were located just past those two entrances. The Schwegmann entrance was located inside of the mall. When Schwegmanns closed in 1998 the mall traffic declined significantly and the mall corridor was closed off when the furniture store closed. The former Grants/ Kmart space is being used as a storage space. This is yet another mall that has very little online information, so any further comments that can help with the history of this mall are always appreciated.

2/8/12 some much appreciated comments from Ryan Smith on the mall.
There was an arcade directly to the left of the entrance to the mall with some games. A video store called "Mr. Video" was located directly across from the Schwegmanns entrance, and was the video store to go to before Blockbuster came into the New Orleans market. Also a Vietnamese store was in the back of the mall that sold food and liquor. There is also a link for the kids week that was held at Schwegmanns during the summer at
Thanks Ryan for the extra info about this mall.

The former Schwegmanns store
The mall entrance was located behind the bushes between the two buildings.

The Grants/ Kmart store is on the left and the mall entrance on the right.
The Grant/Kmart store
The former Schwegmanns Texaco station closed on an outparcel when the grocery store closed. When Schwegmanns liquidated gas here was less than a dollar even for premium gas!