Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kmart Bossier City LA.

Here is the Bossier City Kmart located on Airline Drive. This store is located on a prime spot just across from the Pierre Bossier Mall at one of the busiest intersections in the metro area. The mall across the street has a Sears store, so there is not much in the way of appliances here. This is the only Kmart in Northwest Louisiana. This store appears to be a 1970's build and the "Big" from the Big Kmart sign was recently removed from the storefront. The street sign still has the Big Kmart logo. 
Not too many Kmart stores in Louisiana and Texas still have a directory at the entrance. 
We have seen this electronics sign before, vintage 1990's for sure. 
Pantry section
Seasonal and toys
Garden center
Back row of the store
Back of the store facing the Pharmacy in the front. 
Near the middle of the store. 

Extra photos, somehow I missed these on my original post.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Deauville Fashion Mall Stafford TX

Here is the final installment of the Deauville Mall series from the Houston metro area. This former mall is located in Stafford TX and opened in 1984. In July of 1986 the property was foreclosed on. This was possibly the most successful of the 4 malls though as indicated in the articles I found about these malls. The property was partially converted into a Garden Ridge pottery store and Sams Club that both closed in 2000-2001. The closed Garden Ridge site was slated for a conversion into an electronics plant for a company called K-Tec Electronics. Star Wholesale also was going to set up in the former Sams Club portion. Currently half of the property is fenced off by Texas Direct Auto as a storage area for cars. The other half of the mall has a Chandelier and Furniture store and two empty spots.   

Designer Depot
Garden Ridge (In the late 1980's)
Lowe's Southwest Cinema 
Nursala's Name Brand Shoes
Pappasito's (Outlot)
P.S. Designer Jewelers
Sams Club (Later possibly in the early 1990's).

This is what you will see off of 59 of the mall. 
Down the road is where the former Federated anchor was located, you can see the outline of the mall better on Google Maps.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Comp USA Houston TX now closed

The Comp USA location at 9714 Katy Freeway (at Bunker Hill Rd.) is now closed. The store closed in the Spring of 2013 relatively quietly without any advertisements. This was the only Houston Comp USA location after the bankruptcy in 2008 when all stores closed. Tiger Direct purchased Comp USA and opened several Comp USA stores across the United States with this new format store. This location opened in January of 2010 and was featured in several news articles. Here is what is left of the store today, absolutely nothing. 

Here is what was here before. This link shows a little about what the store featured as the Comp USA retail 2.0 concept
Here are my photos of the store while it was in business, I should have gotten more but I did not expect the store to close so soon. 

Here is what the store began as, yes a Circuit City which is another company that Tiger Direct acquired from bankruptcy. This store was under construction when Circuit City went under and never opened. This prime location did not stay empty for long and the shopping center added another store next to this one shortly after this store was built.