Monday, October 10, 2022

Fiesta Mission Bend area Houston Texas April 2022 visit

Well folks, here we are at another vintage Fiesta store. Despite the exterior of the store getting a facelift, the interior is as classy as always. The neon in this store is some of the best you will see in 2022. This was my first visit to this store, and it was well worth the visit.

We start at the produce department where we not only have the cool green neon......

But also, this rounded ceiling. The effect looks much better in person.

Looking across the store from the produce department and Fajita Express counter.

This area is unique to this store. This sign did have some neon out, but it still looks really cool.

One more look at the produce department as we continue the tour.

Next, we see the delicatessen department. Very few grocery stores in the modern era still have the whole word delicatessen in their signage.  

More views of the signage on the next few slides.

One thing I noticed, is that the light fixtures are positioned in weird layouts.

This large lattice ceiling is definitely 1980's as well.

An up-close view of the seafood signage.

Another rounded ceiling design just next to the seafood counter.

The butcher shoppe/meat department. More lattice designs throughout.

Next to the refrigerated foods, we find this lower food prices signage that is common to neon era Fiesta stores.

The front of the store has the wood paneled lower ceilings that really stand out.

This bakery neon signage is really awesome, lots of color with mirrors under the triangle.

A wider view of the signage with the coffee bar neon in the far view.

A wide view of nearly the whole store from the bakery area.  

Now for the coffee bar which is filled up with bakery sweets.

As we leave the bakery/coffee bar area we will see the back corner of the store.

Which is the dairy department and refrigerated goods.

It just doesn't get any better than this. Neon and the lowered ceilings give this area a unique look. 

In addition to the lowered ceilings, this area also has these greenhouse/sunroof style ceilings.

Too bad the neon doesn't stretch all the way through this area.

Wide view of the frozen and refrigerated foods area.

Wide view of the dairy and coffee bar areas.

Butcher Shoppe wide view. From this angle you can also see the rounded ceiling.

Some of the more expensive and sought-after goods are locked up here at the front of the store.

A wide view of the checkout and front wall of the store.

As with many Fiesta locations, this one has some extra businesses up front. 

Finally, we are at the entrance/exit to the store to end the tour.

I hope you enjoyed this retro Fiesta Supermarket.