Friday, January 1, 2021

JCPenney concept store Hurst Texas North East Mall Happy New Years 2021!

Here is a neat concept store from JCPenney in Hurst Texas at the North East Mall. 
We visited this store in August 2020 and all I can say is Wow!
This store opened in 1971 and was renovated in late 2019 to the current look as a concept store for the company.

Vey close to the entrance of the store we have shopping carts.

Fitting room just to the left of the shopping cart rack.

Women's clothing

The central information desk.

The back of the checkout counter to the left with tons of Penney's bags. The store directory is also in the picture.

Onto the second floor we go.

Culinary department

I noticed the family room addition to the restrooms.


Sadly, the building has some maintenance issues.

The coffee bar on the second level was closed. A good amount of floor space has been taken up by the coffee bar. North East Mall is a one-floor mall so there is probably not a lot of traffic up here to maintain a cafe.

The sign listed a new concept coming soon.

More views of the second floor.

The displays were neat and well organized.

The bedding department.

I really like the use of wood throughout the store. It provides a good contrast to the boring department store interiors that most retailers use. 

If you are a Cowboys fan, this is your place.

I am impressed by the detail in this area. 

Just behind the Cowboys department is the closed off Movement Studio area. Covid more than likely caused this area of the store to remain temporarily closed. 

The athletic shoe department is just okay. They could have done more here to make this area stand out.

Another wide view of the store.

The portrait studio has an interesting and attention grabbing entrance.

Here is the side of the portrait studio.

More views of the store.

The toy department has a large TV and play area for the kids.

There is even a sit down area for the adults just outside of the play area.

The view of the second floor entrance that leads to a parking garage.

Another view of the culinary department.

Electronic advertisement. There were a few of these scattered throughout the store.

Athletic department

One last look at the second floor before we go downstairs.

Back downstairs we go.

The Pearl Cup Café was also closed with a new concept coming soon sign. This café area is close to the checkout area and mall entrance. 

If you were to look at just this photo, you would not believe this is JCPenney. It looks more like a Nordstrom.

These sayings behind the register are a good way to pass the time if you are waiting in line.

Jewelry department

Sunglass department

Women's shoes to the left.

More Women's clothing.

The round decorative lights must be a thing these days. Target has them too.

Men's clothing

Now here is my favorite part of the store. Or it would have been if the games were on.

How many department stores in 2020 have tabletop arcade machines? I am not sure if these normally work or not, but it would be cooler if they did.

More Men's clothing.

The Men's fitting room.

The Barbery Men's barber shop.

The Barbery even has shoe shining chairs. 

Popping into the entryway, we have the greeting from the store manager.

More Men's clothing.

I am not exactly sure what this area is for. It is tucked away in the Men's department.

Gotta love the neon sign here.

A closeup of the directory.

These sit down areas in the center area of the store around the corner from the checkouts are interesting.

The mall entrance. It was about 5 minutes before closing time on a Sunday when this photo was taken so the doors were almost closed.

Another electronic display with a different message. Hopefully one day soon we can look back at this and say "glad that is over".

The customary Sephora.

The Ladies Salon InStyle.

Another view of the Sephora.

Accessories and purses.

A better view of the Women's fitting room area. I am glad the dressing rooms have good seating outside, that is something that is lacking at the majority of retailers. 

An up-close photo of the customized shopping carts.

One last look before we leave the store.

As an added bonus, here is the closed off Sears. Sears closed in late 2019. Nordstrom also closed their location at this mall in 2020. The mall still has JCPenney, Macy's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Dillard's, and Rave Cinemas. North East Mall is one of the largest malls in Texas with over 1.7 million square feet of retail space.

A few more views of the store as we leave.