Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Abandoned Super Kmart in Corsicana Texas July 2021

Here is a rare sight to see in 2021. The building is still standing just like this as of the making of this post. If there are any posts, I have in my backlog anyone would like to see next, feel free to comment below. My traveling for the blog has ended, but I have a about 50 posts in my backlog. I appreciate the comments and requests. 
Super Kmart Corsicana is actually the second Kmart location in Corsicana. Opened on March 4, 1994 and closed on April 13, 2003. This 172,021 SF. Kmart store has sat mostly vacant for nearly 19 years. Click here for the old Loopnet listing.

After making a wrong turn near the College Park Mall, I noticed this building and had to stop by. I was floored by the sight of this relatively untouched former Super Kmart. This was a very ambitious store for a city the size of Corsicana that already had a nearby Walmart. Corsicana was also home to a large Kmart warehouse (Thanks for the tip Travis). Here is an article about the store and warehouse closure in 2003, over 500 jobs lost in a town with a 2003 population of 25,260. 

March 2022 update, close to midnight while driving home from Dallas. As you can see, metal gates have been put up surrounding the site to keep people from driving in the parking lot. Maybe the owners saw my photos or people complained enough to get the lot closed off, who knows.

Former Little Caesars.

I stopped at the front of the store and got out to get these photos. Looking inside of the vacant store through the former Little Caesars, not much to see. A leftover mini-blind, being the only remnant.  

In the middle of this photo an animal (maybe a cat), ran off when I moved over the take this photo. 

As you can see the store has been stripped clear of just about everything besides the metal.

I was still in awe of the sight. A relatively untouched Super Kmart in 2021.

Now, I will give a more up-close view of the building from my walking tour. You can already see some of the metal has fallen off of the building.

The sky is exposed just under the hole in the roof.

The non-grocery entrance of the store. 

The only view I could get of the entryway foyer through the front entrance. You can kind of see the metal sprinklers in the background. By the way, you can smell the putrid odor of the mildew and mold growth getting up this close to the building.

You can see my hand and camera in the reflection, it was a stretch.

Nature has taken over, look at the bird nests all over the ceiling.

The filth left behind by all of the birds and blown in trash is disgusting.

A view from the same entrance looking towards the East side of the lot.

The walkway from entrance to entrance.

Not sure what this entrance was for, maybe an optical department.

You can see the mildew/mold growth and damaged stucco in several spots.

Not sure if this damage is natural or from vandalism. 

What the inside of that column looks like, facing upward.

The grocery entrance has similar damage. 

A little more of the drywall is intact on this side, but it will more than likely continue to fall.

Part of the metal roof that has come off. I wonder if this was due to wind damage or just plain neglect. Both entrances have similar damage, it is hard to determine how the damage happened.

Mildew and mold have taken over this building.

The flagpole has long been empty, the flag line is dangling in the wind.

The smell has to be terrible inside of the building. Here are more views from the windows of the Little Caesars side of the store. Look at the buildup of the mold and mildew with water puddles.

The abandoned flagpole and grocery entrance of the store.

Such a huge waste, very sad to see.

The old parking lot signage is still intact on this light pole.

When was the last time the words "closed circuit television" were used to describe security cameras?

Far view of the store.

Panorama of the store.

Non-panorama view.

Garden Shop and auto center in the distance.

Some views of the back and auto center section of the store.
The sun was in the way, so I did my best to get these photos while on the street behind the store. The back of the lot is fenced off so I couldn't get back there for better shots. 

Auto center doors

One last look before we end this visit.

As an added bonus, here is the old Kmart location which is located across the street from the former Navarro Mall. This store opened on November 21, 1977 and closed in March 1994. The building is being used as a storage and boat repair facility.

The building still retains most of the shape and design of the old Kmart. I wonder if the inside has the old Kmart A/C vents.