Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sears Westwood Mall Houston Texas

This Sears opened in 1972 and closed in November 2017. This store and the Baybrook location which was closing at the same time, had a longer than normal store closing sale. Sears was built 3 years before the Westwood Mall that the store was attached to and outlasted the mall for nearly 20 years. The store and surrounding parking lot is now used by Momentum BMW as a car dealership. The building only sat vacant for about 2 years before redevelopment started. Some parts of the old anchor can be recognized, but a lot of the building has been heavily renovated. This Sears was also used in the filming of the movie Adam in 1983 click here to see the movie.

September 24, 2017 visit. 

Electronics department had been mostly taken over by the rug sales.

Westwood was one of the last Sears stores to have a full electronics department in the area. Around 2015 a lot of Sears stores, especially the ones in smaller markets removed electronics.

There were still some electronics left at this point.

For some reason, the carpet had been stripped out of this department.

The hearing aid department was located in the small area just in front.

Going back towards the Men's department.

Lawn and Garden and Sporting Goods next to the Men's department.

More of the Men's department.

The walkthrough separating the Men's and Women's clothing departments.

Going upstairs.


A lot of the second floor, except for clothing, mattresses, and some odds and ends had been moved downstairs.

I wonder what was behind this wall, looks like it was some kind of mini-store.

I am not sure what was in this room just to the left of the above walled off area of the store.

This is what you see when looking into the glass door.

More of the second floor. Some odd mattresses were also located up here.

Looking towards the Children's clothing department.

I am not exactly sure where the mall entrance was. It had to have been somewhere along this wall, or further to the right. Please let me know in the comments if anyone knows. There is also the possibility that there were two mall entrances. 

The lonely checkout.

Here is a better view of the escalators.

Back to the first floor, we find another lonely checkout.

An up-close shot of the store closing flyer.

A newish Sears basket.

More of the Lawn and Garden department.

Sporting goods.

Craftsman; Quality you can trust.

Now we are venturing into the tool department.

Looking from the tool department to Lawn and Garden/Sporting Goods.

Note the old school sign on the right door.

As you can see on the right side shelf, more electronics were available.

Up close look at some of the fixtures.

The area ahead was used for seasonal items.

Venturing through the seasonal department to the merchandise pickup and back offices.

An awesome Memorial Day setup, still up even as the store was closing.

Back out to the sales floor we go.

A wide view of the remains of the electronics department.

Appliances, as you can see they had the updated signage at the time.

Entrance to the electronics and appliance departments.

More of the electronics.

Another lonely register in between customer sales. This one was still being used off and on.

A look at some of the ads featured on the credit card touch screen.

More of the Appliance department.

Another set of double doors with an old school sign still in place.

The sale had a weird discount span listed. 10-60% off regular prices.

Now for a closer look at the electronics department.

This had to have been the employee training video TV.

This small display with TV's is better than Sears stores have in 2020, very sad.

This is another entrance to the appliance department.

Now for some exterior shots of the store.

The auto center.

As you can see here, the outside Garden department area can still be clearly seen. It was used for storage for many years.

Things are getting wild behind the window, lol.

Old school merchandise pickup window.

A better view of the former Garden department.

Now for some stunning shots of the Auto Center.

Final shot of the day, onto the next visit.

Now for my final visit on October 9, 2017.

A couple of weeks later, inventory was still decent. A lot of stores were closing at around the same time, it is possible slow moving inventory was moved here from somewhere else. We will start in the Women's department.

Jewelry counter to the right.

This entrance had been closed for some time. You can see the Sears Optical sign here too. 

Another fixture graveyard had been created in the corner of the Women's department.

More of the Women's department and Jewelry counter.

Pretty sure the wall straight ahead past the clothes rack was the mall entrance. I did not get a good photo unfortunately.

A look through to the Men's department.

More fixtures are now stretching through the Men's department now.

Back through Lawn and Garden towards Appliances.

Some beat up furniture leftovers.

A very interesting find in the fixture setup. The wheelchair was not in the best shape, some parts appeared to be broken on it.

More leftover, furniture pieces.

And just like that, we pop up to the second floor. The mattress department had this extended section.

A peak into that active second floor hallway.

And we jump again, back to the first floor again. I tried to get a better photo of the entire Craftsman sign, it didn't happen.

Somewhere in this area of the store or closer to the electronics department is where Adam His Song Continues appears to have been filmed. 

The tool department checkout pictured here was still active.
An up-close photo of an interactive display.

Another view of the tool department checkout.

The former exit to the Garden center.

The Tool and Seasonal department exit. You can also see the pallet of Smart Sense bottled water that Sears carried for a brief time. 

A variety of new and old hand baskets. There are even a couple of The Great Indoors baskets mixed in. The fixtures at this sale are from just about everywhere in the company. The only thing I didn't see here was the Sears Grand shopping carts that I have seen at a few area Sears stores.

A display that featured multiple advertisements for Sears products and services.

These carts are very similar to Kmart carts. I am not sure where they actually came from though, there were no Kmart labels or any other labels on the carts.

More of the seasonal department.

A spooky face drawn on this box.

Last look at the remainder of the electronics department.

Final look at the appliances.

Lawn and Garden.

Heading through the Men's department again to the exit.

The bottom areas under the escalators had a door and a small light fixture.

As we move to the exit for one last look at the store, we find another pallet of water bottles.
Farewell Westwood Mall Sears, yet another store lost in 2017. Stay tuned, more content to come.