Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post number 30 List of updates.

Wow the past two months since I started this site have been busy, and I anticipate that the next few will be slower due to my upcoming busy schedule.

I began this blog to help tell the stories of malls, stores, and shopping centers. When these developments fail many people lose their jobs and a piece of their lives in the process. Malls of the past have millions of stories from the customers and employees that make these places unique. What fascinates me the most about these failing developments is the way consumers for the most part always want newer and bigger stores. Then the malls fall victim to the developments and some communities are stuck with abandoned properties that must be demolished on the taxpayers tab. Very few malls are reused for other purposes and as the slow economy continues to keep people from spending; malls will continue to lose business. My goal is to gather as many stories of these failing properties on my blog as possible, so these malls and their memories will not be forgotten.

Help me through my down time by submitting new, original articles. Full credit will be given to the authors of any submitted articles. Pictures are not necessary but appreciated. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the continued comments to help make my site better.

Check out my recent updates on

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