Monday, May 25, 2009

Supplement to Northcross Mall Video

Welcome to the remains of Northcross Mall.

Old School Arby's sign on Burnet Rd. down from the mall.

This is all that remains of the Northcross Mall. The mall has been cut in half and demolished. Only the half facing Burnet Rd. still stands with a small corridor inside. The rest has been remodeled and is unrecognizable.


  1. I work at Wallpapers To Go at Northcross Mall. Yes, there are more businesses than listed above. Go Dance and Gallery of Salons moved from the missing end of the Mall and a new Ice Rink was built. Norris Conference Center, Guitar Center and Veranda Restaurante are also still very much alive. Recently, McAlister's Deli opened on thr Burnet Rd. side, with an Army Recruiting Office and a Dickie's BBQ in the works. There are other spaces available on that side and on the other side. On the main entrance side of the Mall, Anderson Ln. there is also a Walgreens in the parking lot.
    We may have gotten a facelift, some transplants and an amputation, but Northcross Mall is still very much alive. Come visit us and see for yourself. Martha

  2. I redesigned the pylon signs for this remodel project. There's a smaller mall area, now, but more storefront/parking access for drive-by business. The new Walmart is small and inconspicuous due to neighborhood pressure. The best way to disguise this eyesore was to cut the square footage in half and lose that horrible blue theme. Currently, I have a wayfinding assignment here that is sorely needed. When surveying, I had people asking directions, and I told them to come back in 2 months when there were some directionals. Northcross is a survival story in progress. For a while, it looked like it was doomed to be shredded into office space, and 12-step program meeting rooms.