Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sharpstown update 07/01/09

On my visit today the mall had a carnival in the parking lot and many more people than my last few visits. Three new inline stores have opened up since my last visit in May. While I was in the JCPenney corridor taking pictures; an employee of the mall gave me some weird looks. Better her than mall security though.

Finally I got a clear photo of a directory and some extra pics of the JCPenney. The inside of the JCPenney has not been used since 1998, so it is in terrible condition.

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  1. Wow on the Penney's. I'm sure the old Davison's at Shannon Mall is also that, too, closed in 1998. A mall in Indiana closed in 2004 and had the most incredible decay I've ever seen for a mall closed that recent. I understand Regency Mall in Augusta is lost to mold after being abandoned since 2001. It's been giving the city pounding headaches ever since.