Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Westheimer Square at Hillcroft Updated 10/16/09

Update 10/16/2009; the Wherehouse Music is now closed. Sketchers and Souper Salad are the two anchors left here. The former gas station site has been paved over and it looks to be additional parking for now.

This is an interesting shopping center located at the corner listed in the title. This is the only Wherehouse Music that I know still exists in Houston. Since F.Y.E. took over the remaining Wherehouse stores this one will not be here too much longer. This space was a Blockbuster Music before the change in name and may have possibly been another record store beforehand. Spec's and a Sketchers outlet are also here in the center. The Tweeter closed a couple of years ago with their bankruptcy.


  1. I noticed there is construction going on in this plaza and it's looking very upscale. Do you know what they plan on putting in Tweeter's place? Who is the realtor that handles this center?

  2. I do not know about any specifics of this center; sorry. I do know that the gas station in front of the center was demolished recently, but I have no news on any future plans with the center. If I find out any more info; I will update the post, and thanks for your interest in my site.

  3. I believe that before it was the Wherehouse and Blockbuster Music, that big store was Sound Warehouse.

    1. You are absolutely right; the big store WAS a Sound Warehouse. I remember my brother and me pestering my mom to go there when we saw the old Atari 2600 Pac-Man advertised on the marquee.

    2. I am glad that there is a music store near the former Sound Warehouse. They don't have any new music, but you can find some CD's that were hits back in the Atari Pac-Man days. I used to play that game all of the time and I don't get the negative reviews that are all over the Internet.