Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Macy's Downtown Houston

Here is the Macy's location in downtown Houston. This building is ten stories tall and a basement level with five of those floors dedicated to shopping space. It is a rare site these days when a major chain such as Macy's keeps a downtown location open from an acquisition. This location was originally Foley's signature store and corporate offices. I am not sure what the age of the building is ,but it has to be at least fifty years old with all of the old design elements. The levels of this store are as follows. The basement/ tunnel level connects to the downtown underground tunnels and contains meeting and training space for Macy's. The first level or street level has men's clothing, jewelry, and shoes. The second and third floors are all women's clothing. The fourth floor contains more women's, children's and the furniture store (see photos below). The fifth floor contains the cellar, customer service, bed, and bath items. Any floor above that is for corporate use. This store is truly a relic of the past and a great store to visit.

All levels have this old signage by the escalators and old school clocks.

Check out the retro elevators that say "this car up". The street level is the only level to have these signs on the elevators; the rest just have arrows.

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