Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plazamericas update Jan 2010

Jan 20 the Sharpstown road signs have been covered up by these temporary Plazamerica signs. The Sharpstown name has been removed from all of the entrances now. The mall entrance doors and mall maps have the new name now. The first tenant in the former JCPenney will be the Clairewood Washateria. The Washateria is the first sign to go up outside of the mercado.

Palais Royal will be closing as of Jan 23rd. This location was smaller than most of their other locations, and the store was not updated in many years. This space would be a good fit for an existing store to expand their space.

Here are some shots of the food court including the two newest restaurants.

Jan 1st 2010

Plazamericas now has seven open food outlets plus one ice cream shop and a cookie shop. One more new restaurant will be opening soon. Only six months ago this food court had only one restaurant left. The food court also has a stage setup, and the indoor playground has been expanded to include a moonwalk. There are also at least four spaces advertising new stores coming soon. Outside of the mall; new advertising has been put up to attract interest in the redevelopment of the property. I will be checking on the mall sometime in the next month as the redevelopment progresses.

They have added new windows, entrances, and awnings to the JCPenney/ Mercado building. The inside of the building is under renovation for the new Mercado (Jan 2010).

Below is a picture from July before the renovation of the building; compare to the picture above shot from nearly the same angle.

Here is the mall front entrance of the old JCPenney which is being remodeled to become the mercado. Both floors are being renovated behind those chains.

Here are some of the new stores that include two new restaurants, an internet cafe, a sports store, and a discount store.

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