Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greenspoint Mall 2/25/2010

Greenspoint Mall will be losing the Sears store on May 9, 2010. The anchor lineup will be Fitness Connection (not connected to the mall corridor), Macy's (downsized), and the Dillard's clearance center. The old Montgomery Ward is being used as a Worksource job finding agency. The food court is still doing well, but has a few vacancies. Greenspoint Mall needs to get the redevelopment project started before it is too late. The middle of the mall is nearly full, but the closing of Sears will hurt businesses and decrease customer traffic in the entire mall.

Here is a redevelopment idea; turn an old JCPenney into a wild west town complete with horses. The rodeo trail riders have set up a temporary camp at the mall on their way to Reliant Park.

The former JCPenney is starting to fall into disrepair.

The front of this storefront looks like it was a Palais Royal, but I may be wrong. The Palais Royal on the other side of the mall was once a Beall's.

Inside of the Dillard's clearance store; this store closes early everyday.

Here are a few shots inside the mall from near the food court.

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  1. I read that they are demolishing the former JCP to build a new cinema.

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