Monday, May 10, 2010

Highland Mall Update May 08, 2010

We visited Highland Mall this past weekend to give an update for the blog. The food court has lost five tenants, but there are still 9 tenants that serve food or snacks in the mall. In the recently closed Dillard's south wing; several new stores have opened up on both floors, but none are national chains. It is good to see the mall gaining tenants even with the loss of an anchor store. Macy's is still going strong and the Dillard's clearance center was doing brisk business as well. Unfortunately a few stores have left the mall, but the mall is working to rebound.

Here is the outside of the closed Dillard's south. Dillard's has consolidated into the smaller store, but the smaller store is clearance only. Dillard's had two stores at the mall until last year.

Dillard's south has closed, but the lights are still on for now.

Here are some inside shots in various parts of the mall.

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  1. The fact your economy is far stronger there is keeping this mall alive. A whole bunch of them near me that were in this kind of limbo have taken a turn for the worst.