Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pasadena Town Square October 2010

The food court has only six choices left

Chik-fil-A gone.

Some shots from the Macy's and Sears wings of the mall.

FYE is still open here; there are only a handful of mall music stores left in Houston malls.

This is the center court of the mall.

This is the nearly completely empty former Dillard's wing; only the Worksource is open during business hours in this whole part of the mall.


  1. I work at this mall and all I have to say is: Humane Euthanasia. This mall should have been shut down and demolished years ago. Frankly I don't know how they can afford to air condition the building. This mall doesn't have much to offer. In fact, it's rather depresssing. When Sears and Macy's pull out, it's all over.

  2. @ anonymous I have an update coming soon from your mall with pictures of the interior entrance to Dillards and some interior pictures of Steve and Barry's across the street. I will have it up by the weekend.