Sunday, October 17, 2010

San Jacinto Mall October 2010 Small Update

San Jacinto Mall has several stores that are open and doing well, but some parts of the mall have some troubling deterioration and need attention. The plan to upgrade the former Montgomery Ward wing seems to have stalled as no work has been completed since the wall to block this wing off was completed. I still like going to this mall though because the mall has stores unique to this mall and it still has a 1980's feel. All of the fountains are still operating and the food court is nearly full.

This is what is left of the Montgomery Ward wing. Pacsun recently closed and the walls are in terrible shape here with water damage. There is even a section of the skylight that is boarded up. This is not the only section boarded up as there are other damaged skylights possibly from Hurricane Ike.

The former Mervyn's wing now has a wall blocking the area off but the doors are open for now to this area of the mall. Eyemasters still operates here and there is a bingo hall right by the mall entrance.

Inside of Mervyn's closed since 2005.

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