Monday, January 3, 2011

Northwest Mall update photos from Dec 2010

Northwest Mall has not changed too much since the last report. A few stores have opened and closed, and the occupancy is the same. The mall entrances have new signage and new paint. The mall is not giving up and they are marketing their spaces to small businesses.

Macy's remains closed

Here are the views from around the building. Inside of the mall the sides of the mall entrance still have the signs advertising the Presidents Day sale that was going on when the store was abruptly closed. The actual mall entrance has been sealed off showing the intent of Macy's not to return to Northwest.

The doors here still have the F from the days of Foley's. Pasadena Town Square still has these door handles on their Macy's.

Here are some shots of the store interior through the windows. It looks like they began to fix the store and put up some curtains, but they did not get far. This Macy's was damaged during Hurricane Ike in 2008 and has been closed since. The mannequins in the lower photos are guarding the place, but there are no signs of life in this Macy's.

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