Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PlazAmericas Tour Jan 26, 2010

I finally had the chance to meet with management at the PlazAmericas Mall today. They took me on a tour and they were very gracious answering my questions. I did not take any photos, but the tour was great and I got to see parts of the mall that are behind closed doors. The mall management is very aggressive with filling space and they are focused on providing a family friendly safe environment with extra security. There are many projects going on and the mall will soon be mostly filled. For more details visit their website at

The Mercado is almost open; the finishing touches are being put on the construction work. The mercado has several spaces for stores, salons, and restaurants. The mercado also has a nice family lounge with televisions, a chapel, and an airplane for the kids to check out. The mercado takes up a large amount of space and will bring many more customers to the mall.

An old image from a few months ago.

The Cinema is under renovation and we toured the building. The cinema had some hurricane damage that is being cleaned up and will reopen soon. The cinema is still set up from the previous company and all of the neon was on during our visit today.

An old image from last year.

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  1. Hey I just changed jobs, but I'm an architect who has done a couple jobs in the Wonderlands of the Americas (currently your top image). I'd be happy to introduce you to someone who may be able to give you a tour there also. If my remember correctly, both of these malls (Sharpstown and Crossroads malls) went through their hispanic transitions around the same time. Feel free to hit me with google mail (username joypog).