Sunday, January 2, 2011

The retail district of Humble Texas 2010

I am back and happy 2011 to all of my readers.
This is a tour of Humble Texas; a northeast Houston suburb of around 20,000 residents, but has a customer base of over 200,000 in the nearby communities. I have featured the largest most significant centers around the city, so some of the smaller centers did not make the cut.
We begin this tour from the Northeast corner of Humble. Toys R Us has been here since the early 1980's. This location was once very far away from the retail development in Humble, but the development has surrounded this store in the past seventeen years.

Deerbrook Marketplace; Best Buy, Office Max, Marshall's, Shoe Carnival, Sports Authority, Old Navy, Bed Bath, and Beyond, Petsmart, Kirklands, Pier One Imports, and Bel Furniture anchor this massive development. Former anchors Oshman Superstore, and a crafts anchor (Bel location).

Deerbrook Corner anchored by Ashley Furniture, Souper Salad, and Chili's. Formerly anchored by Finger Furniture and Sound Warehouse.

I do not know the name of this small shopping center, but Academy was once the anchor here. Academy will be moving into their third different Humble location soon.

Former Tweeter store

Home Depot

Southeast Humble starts with Deerbrook Crossing anchored by Office Depot, Panchos Buffet, Petco, Chuck E Cheese, and Brick House. Former anchors, K-Mart, Chair King, Hasta La Pasta Restaurant, HEB, Michaels, Randalls and AMC 8 theaters.

Bender Square Shopping Center Big Lots, Dollar General, CVS, Humble Bingo, Cafe East, and Sherlock's Pub anchors. Former anchors Weiners, Macfrugals, Michaels, Eckerds, 84 Lumber.

Southwest Humble starts with Humblewood Shopping Center. Kroger, Walgreens, Conn's, DSW shoes, Michaels, Mattress Firm, Blockbuster, Starbucks, Kinko's, Christian Family Stores, Cici's Pizza, and Party City anchor this center. Former anchors Wyatt's Cafeteria, and Target.

West and Northwest Humble begins with Robert's Carpet formerly Circuit City.

Chair King Furniture (formerly Petsmart)with the old Circuit City sign standing in front of the Robert's carpet.

Super Target and Kohls

Wal-Mart Supercenter

Former K-mart Supercenter; now being re-purposed as Academy and Burlington Coat Factory (Not shown; now 50% complete).

The commons at Deerbrook center; Movie Tavern, Olive Garden, and Black Eye Pea are the anchors. Formerly anchored by Marshall's, General Cinemas.

Sam's Club and a flooring store; formerly Wal-mart pre-supercenter.

Deerbrook Plaza Shopping Center; Academy, Half Price Books, Rent A Center, Ross, Tuesday Morning, Fallas Parades, Outback, Dollar Tree, and Wings and More. Former anchor stores Fiesta Market, Blockbuster Music, Bookstop, Children's Palace, TJ Maxx, and Mobile One.

Wide view of Deerbrook Mall; I will do a full post on this mall in the near future. Dillard's, Macy's, Sears, JCPenney, AMC theaters, Palais Royal, and Home Decor anchors. Former anchors Foley's, Mervyn's, Steve and Barry's.


  1. Deerbrook Marketplace former anchors were Oshman's SuperSports USA and MJ Designs.

    Humblewood Shopping Center previously had a Godfather's Pizza prior to CiCi's.

    Benart Properties LLC is the landlord for the unnamed former Academy shopping center at the NE corner of 1960 and 59.

    Deerbrook Crossing once had a Discovery Zone in the Chuck-E-Cheese's space and a Bennigan's in the Brick House space. I seem to recall a BizMart location nearby at one time too.

    Bender Square Shopping Center - what is now MacFrugal's/BigLots was once a Handy Dan hardware store.

    Deerbrook Plaza briefly hosted Randall's in the former Fiesta space before converting to Ross/Academy in the early 1990's.

    1. Thanks for that information, there have been many changes over the years in this area. Most shopping centers that were vacant when I made this post are now full or nearly full.

  2. You forgot to mention the Target Store in the Bender Square. This building is next to the Cafe' East Resturant.

    1. Are you talking about the building where Firestone is now I did not know Target was there at one point. I know that Michael's was located at Bender Square where Cafe East is now until it moved to where Annas Linens is now on 1960. The former Target which opened in the 1980's and was moved to the Super Target location was located where DSW shoes, Michael's, and several smaller stores are located in the Humblewood center.

  3. That Super Kmart looks absolutely depressing especially since they left that Super Kmart sign to just decay. The Super Kmart concept was really underrated and they should have opened more. According to the Kmart book that came out after bankrupty stated that other grocery stores were distributing there grocery section so Kmart could choose better locations since Walmart had to be in good locations for there distribution. The problem was back in 1994, they opened 44 brand new Super Kmart's but by 1997 though 2001, they were opening like 3 locations some conversions each year so Kmart freaked out and started terribly converting as many Kmart's to Super Kmart's. That paused in opening Super Kmart's gave Walmart a better chance at having there Supercenter's succeed and they did. If Super Kmart was opening close to what they did in 1994, they might had not been in the same shape.

    1. Thankfully this property was redeveloped shortly after these pics were taken. A Burlington and Academy took up the entire building. Now the center is doing much better. There are now 2 full service restaurants and a strip center in front of the redeveloped center that are full. Sorry for the late response, I was out of town for a while.