Saturday, March 26, 2011

Circuit City Lake Charles Louisiana Mar 09, 2011

More photos added Aug 22, 2011.

A bonus photo of the nearby 1990's style Toys R Us with Geoffrey still on the front of the store.

In Lake Charles Louisiana this perfectly preserved Circuit City location serves as a reminder of the once mighty chain of electronics stores. Most of the locations that were left over in Houston have been taken over by other chains and the Circuit City signs are gone. Circuit City was a great place to find the newest electronics back in the day, but fell behind the times. If you were an employee of any Circuit City feel free to comment.


  1. I live in a nearby town and remember when i was little going into this circuit city. This is also where i got my first gameboy. I also remember the toy r us. Although it is still in operation, i dont go there anymore. It hold fond memories of my childhood.

  2. I worked at the Circuit City in Humble, TX, at the free-standing location, before they moved to Deerbrook Mall. Though it wasn't the greatest job in the world, I do have fairly fond memories of working there, because I started the job during a rough patch in my life, and working at the store helped me to heal; I met some cool folks and got to play with some nice toys.

    So sad what happened to the company.