Tuesday, April 12, 2011

El Mercado Now Open PlazAmericas Mall

This article is a compilation of just before the opening of the mercado and the first week of being open. The Mercado has gained many more stores since these pictures were taken mostly on the first floor. The mercado was still being touched up by the construction crews during the visit after the grand opening.

The entrance before the signs were added.

After the signs were added.

This is the first floor of the mercado

This is one of the stores with a direct mall entrance; most of the smaller stores inside of the mercado only have entrances inside of the mercado.

This is the entrance to the Chapel on the first floor.

This hallway is now full of kiosks and much more lively than in these pictures just after the opening.

This is a stage area just next to the large airplane; on Sundays they host concerts and shows.

This plane has access for people to climb in and act like a pilot. There are a few cars and motorcycles around the mall that children or adults can get into.

These are the mall storefronts which are each very different and lively.

One of the mall entrances to the mercado.

This is the second floor of the Mercado; more stores have opened since these photos were taken.

This is the lounge near the family restrooms; the mall should try and get some extra food outlets here.

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  1. What's surprising about PlazAmericas is that it WAS able to come back. Yes, it's no Galleria or the mall it was in the "glory days", but this was on the brink of total failure. It had gone through all the phases of a dead mall: crime and fear of it, and a rapidly emptying building. At some point, it would've just locked the doors.

    The revitalization was actually a real move, and more than just a new coat of paint and some new tenants. It's been over a year since it was announced, and seems to be on the right track.