Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brazos Mall Lake Jackson Texas

The Brazos Mall is located in Lake Jackson Texas nearly an hour south of Houston. The area that this mall is located in is also known as Brazosport with several cities that make up the Brazosport area. Lake Jackson has the largest population and the majority of the retail chains are set up at the corner of Highway 288 and Highway 332 Oyster Creek Dr including the mall. The mall opened in the mid 1970's and the mall has been successful. Most of the mall is full except for a few spots here and there, and the Steve and Barry's anchor is still dark. The malls owners recently updated the look of the mall, redesigned the entrances, and added the food court with a new cinema.

Here are a few entrances to the mall.

Palais Royal

Ross; previously a Hastings Entertainment location.

Dillard's was originally a Joske's that was converted when Dillard's purchased the Joske's chain. The style of the building is very similar to the Greenspoint Dillard's that was once a Joske's.

JCPenney looks aged from the outside, but the inside sports the most recent upgrade.

Sears from one angle appears to be two stories, but it is only one story.

This mini-anchor was most recently a Steve and Barry's and was more than likely a Service Merchandise.

The Starplex Cinema and Food Court was added in the past two years.

This mini-anchor is partially occupied by a party store, but it was most recently the Dillard's Men's Store.

The entrance to Dillard's has wood around the entrance similar to a 1970's design. This store was built in 1979 so the wood trim may be original.

Palais Royal and the side entrance to the Powerhouse Gym are to the left in the Dillard's wing.

The food court is new and has high ceilings; it is a contrast to the rest of the mall.

A look inside of the former Steve and Barry's; this location looks like it was originally a Service Merchandise from the outside.

A faint labelscar from Steve and Barry's gives away the identity of this closed anchor.

JCPenney still has the mirrored glass.

The mall corridors are mostly very thin with low ceilings.

Sears and Chuck E Cheese Pizza. I cannot recall any other malls that still have a Chuck E Cheese Pizza.

Ross was a Hastings Entertainment store. The Hastings store relocated down the street to a larger location.


  1. Hastings in a mall? Neat.

    The local mall (Post Oak Mall, College Station) has a Chuck E. Cheese's, but it was added in the mid-2000s but doesn't have an interior entrance.

    Also, wrong place to post this I know, but could you cover Auchan? I think it's a fine "defunct retailer" of Houston.

  2. I work close to one of the Houston locations that still has not been reopened. I can pass by one of these days and get some pictures, but I only shopped there a handful of times a long time ago. I remember the place to be similar to the Schweggmann Giant Supermarkets in New Orleans.

  3. It's good that the mall got a makeover. They got rid the 1970's look and got a new remodel phase to bring to customers to shop at in the future.

    1. The mall has new owners and will remodel parts or all of the mall. There are still some retro elements in the JCPenney and Dillards areas.

      The Sears which is now closed will be redeveloped sometime in the near future. From what I read, Sears management and mall management had a mutual agreement to close the store. The redevelopment of the Sears anchor provides an opportunity to make the most visible part of the mall the nicest with new stores or restaurants.

  4. Is the Store Entrance Was connected To Wally's Party Factory?

    1. Wally's party factory was at one time the former Dillard's Mens store, I believe.

  5. This mall had a lot more anchors. Dillard's Men's was a Bealls; Hastings/Ross was originally Brockman's; the food court was Craig's; the theater was The Fair; and Steve & Barry's was Wilson's, then Service Merchandise.

    1. Thanks for the additional information about the mall. Now even more anchors will be part of the mall once the Sears redevelopment is completed.