Monday, June 13, 2011

Lufkin Texas the Mall and Belk

New image added Aug 22, 2011

Here is another double article; this time from Lufkin Texas. First up is the Belk, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar Tree center that was originally a Wal-Mart. This center is one of the best reuses of a Wal-Mart box that I have seen. Most wind up sitting there for years virtually empty or get torn down. The Belk store really upgraded the property. The Wal-Mart moved across the street to a Super center around ten years ago.

Lufkin Mall less than a mile north of the Belk Center.

The mall directory.
This is right across from the JCPenney; does anyone know what this store was?
The entrance to JCPenney.
Waldenbooks was open last time I was here. I guess Borders is eventually going to close all of the remaining locations.
The hallway in between the Cinema and Bealls.
Bealls is nearly identical to Palais Royal concepts; Stage stores does not do much to differentiate the brands besides using different names.
This was the late 90's style of Foot Locker; it was not used for very long and very few of this style still remain.
In between the JCPenney and Bealls.

This 1980's retro store is by JCPenney.
This retro Zales store is by Sears.
The entrance to Sears.
One of the corridors near Sears.
There is not much food to be found in this mall; Corn Dog 7 pictured here or Chick Fil A or China Max.

The cinema entrance is right across from the food court or should I say food trio.


  1. The store across from jcpenny I believe was a jewelry store possibly called Freidman's

  2. The cinema has been in the mall for over at least 20 years, not even somewhat recent.

    1. Thanks for the correction, the post has been updated.